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Perspectives Of Life Essay

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Life is a complicated process that everybody has to experience. As human beings most people have to interact in society, but it is their decision if they want to live a public or private life. Most people live their own lives or experiences in private, while other people decide to be more open and have a public life. Having a public life might sound pleasurable or interesting, but sometimes it could turn into a nightmare or a problem. Being a public person can be convenient or beneficial but occasionally people have to pay an unexpected price for it. Some individuals keep private and public life separate and do not see a connection between them. For others, both kinds of life are related. ...view middle of the document...

How is possible to see the connections between both kinds of life? That’s a hard connection to do but in most of the cases it will depend on the reader’s appreciation. While individuals analyze King’s letter, the first point that come across is how dedicated he was with the cause. Maybe at that point it was just for a personal satisfaction, but what is true about it is years later he became one of the most important leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement. Because in King’s word, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” He would not be as successful as he was if he had not followed moral ethics. His life was dedicated to the most oppressed and affected people, factor that make him a public person in the entire world.
In the letter to his fellow clergymen he used a lovely and sarcastic tone. He advocated nonviolent resistance instead of armed struggle. This is one of those examples where he had to pay by going to jail because of fighting for others. He was not doing it for personal pleasure or public recognition; everything was for a social cause. If readers are able to see his excellent work, they might be able to understand or figure out all the consequences this brought to his personal life. He had the big responsibility of being the president of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). This was a responsibility that, as he expressed in his letter, didn’t let him have a lot of free time. With his busy schedule, he seldom made time to answer his critics, as an example of his moral ethics.
As Martin Luther King, there are many examples around the world that shows how people can sacrifice everything for others. At some point that was what Fidel Castro showed to his country once he decided to rebel. Back then the situation in Cuba was really bad and social justice did not exist. That was one of the many reasons why people decided to fight against the corrupt governments and the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Once he got jailed he wrote his auto defense against the court on pieces of papers, and later it became the program of the Cuban revolution. The program was called “History will absolve me”. This is one example that can be used to show how from personal ideas or someone’s view, the public can be influenced.
In this program he mentioned the main problems that affected the island back them. Between the most important problems discussed were the earth, belonging to the richest people, health and education. Compared with Dr. Luther King, Fidel Castro proposed that the only way for Cuba to be free and independent was the armed struggle, instead of pacifism. His strategies and ideas made him to become one of the most influent people for Cubans. And actually the illegal distribution of his ideas was what it saved him from many years in prison. Since 1959 he has been one of the most remarkable communist leaders in the entire world, creating critics everywhere. The opinions about him or his trajectory are not the...

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