Persuading Your Roommate To Stop Leaving Food Out To Spoil

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Persuading Your Roommate to Stop Leaving Food Out to Spoil
Have you ever had that roommate that leaves the kitchen in a mess after making a simple sandwich? I have three simple points that will persuade your roommate to put food away and keep the kitchen clean after he is finished. These are simple points that are easy to understand but still are valiant in an argument. The three points are as follow: 1. Leaving food out will attract ants and other unwanted guest into the house, 2. Food left out unattended will spoil and if consumed will lead to someone getting sick, and 3. Food that has spoiled will get thrown away and funds will be spent to replace it.
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Worst case scenario, you take out the jar of mayonnaise and make yourself that sandwich that dwarfs all sandwiches that you made that week. If you use that mayonnaise and get sick, all your plans for the next days are placed on hold. I don’t like it when I get sick when I have been waiting for a long time to do something.
Food that has spoiled will get thrown away and funds will be spent to replace it. The food budget in most homes each month is very strict and to the point. Ideally, you want to get items that would last you for a long time to reduce trips to the market. If you leave food sitting out in the open it will spoil and all spoiled food gets thrown away in the trash. Growing up I have always been told spoiled food equals to throwing away money into the trash. If you live in a household that lives on tight budget, spoiled food is frowned against and various punishments would be executed. As a messy roommate, you don’t want to waste money by spoiling food. The worst case scenario, your rent would be...

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