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Persuasion And What It Is All About

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Persuasion: What It Is All About
PSY 301: Social Psychology
February 18, 2013

Persuasion: What It Is All About
As human beings, all of us have an element of leadership within us, whether just a small amount or a presidential size amount. Regardless of the amount, we do a lot when it comes to being a leader, of any kind. We lead, mediate, decide, inspire and are depended on for other countless things as part of the title of leader. An important, sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle, component of leadership is the ability to influence others. Influencing others, involves having the ability to persuade them to act, believe, and/or think in the way ...view middle of the document...

If the persuader has a good reputation, is sincere and clear in giving their message of persuasion, research shows that their ability to persuade others is much higher in succeeding (O’Keefe, 2009, pg. 277). In addition, it is obvious that one would be easier persuaded to do or like something if they know the persuader (friend, family or co-worker) then if they did not know them and have some sort of relation towards them. People respond better to persuaders with these types of characteristics because in having these characteristics, it makes it easier to feel confident in what you are trying to convey to another and it is easier to be able to make the audience feel comfortable, content and relate to what you are trying to persuade them about. Most respond to attractive people because they either are attracted to them, envy them, want to be them or feel connected to them on some level that makes them more open to receiving any message in which that person would like to convey to them. Most of the time when being persuaded to do, give, like or dislike someone or something it is because we were swayed by the charisma of another’s speech, body language or appearance, whether cleanliness, style or physical attractiveness, is involved.
Someone who does not care about their personal hygiene, physical appearance and does not have a charismatic tone of speech does not easily persuade most people, the first thing that one notices is the person who is trying to convey the message to them. They use their eyes to decide whether they will even stay long enough to hear what the persuader has to say or would like of them. If one is well educated and well informed on the topic of their message then they have a better chance of having the receiver listen to what they have to say and acknowledge them and their desires. People tend not to find someone who smells, is un-kept in their appearance and negative in attitude a reliable source or a trustworthy figure to follow or appease by helping them or listening to what they have to say when it comes to one persuading them.
What (The Message)
For one to feel effected by a message being given by a persuader, the messages attributes need to be sincere in its intentions and sound relevant to the conditions of the given audience. An audience would be more inclined to adhere to the persuasion of the speaker if the speaker is sincere as well and is conveying a message that is beneficial to the audience and is something that will not harm, alarm or cause them fear as their initial response. In addition, messages that draw on logic and reason are found to be more successful and more useful then ones that do not draw on such components. There are many different environments, where the emotion, framing, narratives, and rational appeals within a message can influence someone. Environments such as public areas (malls or doctors’ offices), the work place, town meetings, city hall meetings, schools or even at home....

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