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Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay

I can’t wait until you turn 21 and then you can buy us alcohol!” something I’m sure many of you have said to an older friend or sibling. Well, many of you may not know this but I was surprised when I learned that the law in IL only states that the possession and purchase of alcohol for those who are underage is illegal. informs us that exceptions do exist on a state-by-state basis for consumption at home, under adult supervision, for medical necessity, and other reasons. So this brings about a very controversial question that I have. Why can’t we lower the drinking age? Yes, there are risks, but there are also many facts that bring the pros of this recreation ...view middle of the document...

Also, another big concern is that the decline in drinking age will be correlated with the rise in automobile fatalities. In the survey I distributed in class, 50% of you said that you had drunk driven or been a party to someone who has drunk driven. Yes, those statistics are very disturbing. In Fact, all of these risks can be very disturbing and make you feel as if the drinking age should even be higher! However, before you do that let me help you see why lowering the drinking age doesn’t pose that big of a threat.

The drinking age was once 18 years old; gave me reason to believe that the drinking age was based on maturity and responsibility when it stated the fact that the drinking age was “21 for men and 18 for women in Illinois from (1933-1961)”. Another fact that needs to be put in place is that children all across the nation are consuming alcohol. Because they are so accustomed to alcohol and it’s not something that is so “mysterious,” I believe that they are able to act responsibly about it.

As mentioned before, those against lowering the drinking age to 18 based solely on the fact that the brain isn’t fully developed should know, that according to the brain does not fully develop until around 25 years of age. That being said, the argument for this being a reason not to lower the drinking age is irrelevant, since the drinking age is 21 and the brain isn’t fully developed anyway. So what about the drinking and driving fatalities? Well, let me say this much, unfortunately, when...

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