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Persuasive Essay: Re Election Of Our Dear President

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Vidushi SinghEnglish pd. 4October 27, 2003Persuasive Essay:"Re-election of Our Dear President"We, this great and most powerful nation, are ever so fortunate to have so capable a leader. Never has the White House ever seen such an intelligent and adroit President.Surely most American citizens are well aware of the upcoming Presidential election of 2004. They then must also be aware of the sheer magnitude of Democratic contenders for the most powerful seat on Earth. President George Walker Bush will definitely be running for re-election, as he rightfully should. The problem therein lies in all the opponents that President Bush must face. You must support President Bush in the imminent election.President Bush has ...view middle of the document...

Simply put, George Bush should have just been instated as the President and the situation could have been easily avoided. But, like always, the better man wins anyway.After all, the beloved President has high statistical poll ratings. His credentials include a powerful and successful former President as his father to guide him. With such fame comes a dedicated upbringing: the best education, formal training, career opportunities and domestic training money can buy. What more is necessary?As for the much debated question of intelligence, it may be a little known fact that the majority of exemplary leaders were average students in high school. President Bush has the much more desired qualities of insight and "strategery."I myself am a Democrat, but I have paid close enough attention to President Bush's career and positive influence on the world's politics and economy, as well as to our own economic strife and domestic needs here in the United States. I have become convinced that the world, and especially the United States, is in dire need of a leader such as George Bush. Indeed, it is a shame he may only guide this nation for four more short years.So, today, dear friends and patriots, I hope I have convinced you to support George Walker Bush in running for re-election. His many desirable traits and abilities have overshadowed those of his Democratic opponents. Please do not hesitate nor doubt the man who has proven his eligibility, indeed superior eligibility, for the office of the Presidency time and again. You and I, this needy nation and of course, the whole world will appreciate him and how much he will do for the United States of America.

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