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Persuasive Outline

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Animal Rights


Animals Rights/Zoo
Melissa Alvarado
Mesa College

Animal Rights


General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that wild animals should not be kept in



Locked up inside, scared, full of worries with a camera flash all over you, with
your surrounding is a locked space. But you cannot do anything. You just keep
watching the humans surrounding you through the cage. I bet this is how the
animals feel inside the zoo. What will you feel if you are being kept locked up in a
cage 24/7? Are you feeling happy? So, today, I am going to convince you that
animals should not be kept in zoo.

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A. The animals will have a problem with their survival.
1. Animals in zoos are kept in the small and dirty enclosures. It is definitely not be

the same with their own habitat especially to those endangered species such as tiger,
lion and underwater animals.
2. These animals prefer to live in their natural habitats rather than in captive.
Although the zoos put more effort in making their living space more interactive but it still
doesn’t match the space and the freedom that animals should have in their natural
B. Furthermore, animals in captive repeatedly show the abnormal behavior which
is the behavior that is not known to be a feature of natural species.

Animal Rights


From the Captive Animals’ Protection Society websites, it shows that at least

Aquaria animals are showing abnormal behavior which is staying stationary and
continuously moving the head up and down or swinging to left or right when response
with a transparent boundaries.
C. The fact is that, the animals in zoos do the same activities even though
zoologist provides so many things just to ensure the animals do not feel bored with their
lives captivity, but being in a huge cage that seems to us, is such a small environment
for them. It is just not fair.But those type of activities that the animals do in the zoo are
not the same as animals would do in the wild such as two elephant fighting or playing
with their tusks,because if such thing would ever occur like that in the zoo, zookeepers
would take cartoon in by just separating them, and that is something animals just do .

However, these animals actually want to be free even if we don't speak animal,

free in any way they are supposed to live, in their natural habitat
Next, I will discuss the second point where keeping the animals in zoo will lead to
poor conservation among certain animal species, and doesn't help them at all to learn
how to be independent.


A. Keeping animals in the zoo will lead to poor conservation rate among the

certain animal species.

Breeding program is one of the programs which help in animal conservation. It is

conducted by the zoo management to assist species preservation especially for
endangered species. In fact there are over 460 conservation projects launched by Zoos

Animal Rights


worldwide. This program can produce many baby animals that can attract the Public to
come over the zoo but this will lead to surplus number of animals. Meaning that, there
are only certain species will be produced more and more while some other species
doesn’t show improvement in the number of species being conserved. For example,
more than 100000 horses are born in US per year while the endangered species such
as African elephant is produced less because many of these elephant is just caught
from their natural habitat.

There are other...

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