Persuasive Paper Part 3

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Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals

ENG215 Research and Writing
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March 13, 2015

Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals
Paying students to pass standardized tests has been in the works for a while now. The idea of paying students a financial incentive to pass standardized tests came from families who would give money to their kids if they brought home a report card with good grades. Offering students some type of financial incentive to pass standardized tests would get the students attention. Most students don’t care whether they pass or fail school, offering them money in exchange for scoring ...view middle of the document...

The pressure ends up getting in the way of accurately assessing how much the students know (Evans, 2012).
High-stakes testing punishes students for things beyond their control. Testing doesn’t provide adequate information about a student’s progress in school. High-stakes testing hurts genuine educational improvement (The Dangerous Consequences of High-Stakes Standardized Testing, 2007).
The Solution to the Problem
Standardized tests have become a significant part of education today. They measure subject-specific knowledge and achievement of students across the country. The goal of the assessments is to show how far each student is in their class. Financial incentives have been tested to see if rewarding students is a positive or negative thing for scoring high on standardized tests. There are mixed results on the subject of paying students to pass standardized tests. Some people feel that pupils should be motivated to go to school and pay attention without bribing them (Strauss, 2010).
The greatest benefit that is a result of standardized tests is it holds teachers and schools responsible for teaching students the material that they are required to learn for the standardized tests. The scores become public record, and teachers and schools who provide failing scores can come under intense scrutiny. Teachers could lose their job, and the state takes over schools. Students are assessed on the same platform, regardless if they are in different classes, teachers, schools or other criteria (Meador, 2015).
In the United States, schools have been passing students into the next grade level before the student has a minimum understanding of the material. This has students falling further behind every year and students start feeling discouraged. Standardized tests help make sure students understand the material before they advance to the next grade level (Messerli, 2003).
Parents and teachers can identify the students who have a particular gift in a certain area of study. The letter grading system that schools have makes it tough to see if students have a real gift for a particular subject. Standardized tests help teachers to compare students on a national level, free from biases and grade inflation of local teachers (Messerli, 2003).
The ultimate aim of education is to satisfy a student’s unique demands. The ubiquity of high-stakes testing is a symptom that is increasing centralization in American education. What needs to be done is parents need to make the decision about their student’s education. This system has the demands and accountability about what schools are going to fail or succeed. A system that is decentralized has no need for high-stakes testing. When parents and educators make the...

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