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Persuasive Summer/Winter Essay

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Summer vs Winter in Wisconsin
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Summer vs Winter in Wisconsin
Do you like summer in Wisconsin or is it winter that gets you excited? Do you like frigid temperatures or is it the hot sun that gets your goat? For me, summer is where it’s at. I am patient for 272 days every year waiting for June 21st to come around (even though I start my summer as soon as the local schools let out), and when it does, let the good times roll and the festivities begin! Winter, on the other hand, is a dreadfully cold and treacherous event that I would really rather not deal with or talk about; I will talk about it though just to let everyone know how I truly feel ...view middle of the document...

Because I have never really been an enthusiast of snow or cold weather, I have never really gotten in to anything extracurricular that has anything to do with winter. Aside from the normal sledding, snowmobile riding, and occasional fort making/snowball fight with my son, I would prefer to spend the winter months in my nice, cozy home nestled on the couch in front of an open fire with a book in my hand. (OK, that last part was a little fictitious, I do not have a fire place and I do not “nestle”, but I do, in fact, like to read). Another one of my favorite winter pastimes is knitting/crocheting. I say that it is a winter pastime because the summer gets too hot to be knitting or having all that yarn on your lap for any extended periods of time! Because of the distain I have for the winter months, I do not spend much time outside from first frost (which is usually starts around Oct. 11- Oct. 20) to the last frost (Apr. 21 - Apr. 30). I do not like driving in the snow (actually I absolutely hate it more than words can describe), especially when there is a snow storm or blizzard going on. It is like people forget how to drive as soon as the first snowflake hits the ground. The whole states goes into a “state of emergency” like they have all lost their minds!
If it wasn’t for Christmas, when I get to see all of my family that I do not normally get to see, and of course I get to celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and occasionally playing with my son outside in the snow, I would positively have nothing to do with winter. I am sorry, but winter is just not for me; never has been, never will be.
When I was a teenager, I used to always tell all my friends that “summer is not ‘boyfriend weather’. I seriously thought that us teenage girls should break up with our then boyfriends and remain single so that we may spend countless summer night crushing on whatever helpless victim (teenage, sometimes early 20’s, male) we could find and then spend the whole next day thinking about them and non-stop talking about them. How could we be so stupid?!...

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