Pestle C Of Planters Bank Essay

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This is the current vision and mission statement of our bank.


We help fulfil the dreams of Filipino SMEs, their families and their communities


We are the total bank for SMEs.

We customize our products and services to the needs of our chosen market.

We are proud of our developmental role that we go out of our way to live it.

Our clients are happy with us that they link us up with potential clients, other entrepreneurs and ...view middle of the document...

2. Member bank of the Group of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Financial Institutions Dealing with SME’s

3. International partnership (IFC, ADB, FMO, SME Interactive Web Solutions Inc)

4. Local partnership with the government (strength of the government is to promote SMEs)

5. Acquisition of small banks – Active bank, Region bank, and 42 more banks

6. Technology adaptation – on-line services, mobile banking, easy access bill payment system

7. Branch expansion nationwide

8. Benchmarking with other ASEAN countries

9. PDBIA (Insurance Agency)

10. Triple bottom-line solutions



Since PDB is already an established bank for SMEs and had been given several recognition for its outstanding assistance to helping the Filipino families and small to medium enterprises, it is high time for it to change its vision and mission statements.


To keep Planters Development Bank as the leading bank for SMEs in the Philippines.


To be the total bank for SMEs by customizing our products and services to the needs of chosen market; To inspire our employees to be more productive and passionate about their jobs to make our customers happy and satisfied; We also strive to be responsible stewards of environment and contribute to the growth of the communities by serving and assisting the Filipinos in their endeavours to alleviate poverty and be one with them in nation building.




1. Increase in market/clients either for SME & consumer loans
2. Increase clients for treasury; deposit (young professionals and retirees)
3. Credit card product
4. Acquire or merge with small time rural banks
5. Increase in real estate and construction businesses
6. Company trend for payroll through bank accounts (employees salary)
7. Trend in internet banking
8. Trend in one stop-shop payment system (water bills, electric bills, telephone bills)
9. Remittances (overseas affiliation)
10. Branch expansion


1. Other banks are into SME assistance offering low interest rates
2. Merger and acquisition trends
3. Growth and presence of more banks and private/non-banking companies –insurance, pawnshops, cooperative and financing offices; logistics
4. Larger banks offer greater compensation packages to skilful and experienced employees
5. The bank-branching liberalization, embodied in BSP Circular 759
6. Company offer loans to employees
7. Government assistance - SSS, GSIS, Pag-Ibig loans

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