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Peter Albert Singer Area 51 Argumentative Essay

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Area 51 argumentative essay





Area 51 argumentative essay
Peter Albert Singer is a moral philosopher from Australia born on 6 July 1946. He is a professor at Princeton university in charge of bioethics and a professor of applied public ethics and philosophy at the University of Melbourne. He approaches ethical issues from a utilitarian perspective, and he is famously known for his book animal liberation published in 1975 that theorised animal rights and animal liberation. He supports utilitarianism and on two occasions, he has chaired the philosophy department at Monash University.
Area 51 is a facility in the remote detachment of Nevada that is ...view middle of the document...

Also under criteria of personhood she talked of Reasoning: aliens have the capability to reasons uniquely and even apply their reasoning to the problem solving whenever they solve their disputes (Warren, 2000). She mentioned of Consciousness and stated that: it is evident that the aliens held captive have a conscious mind and can feel pain. Whenever they are enclosed in an area for a long time, they felt lonely and depressed just as human do. Therefore, aliens meet the criteria of personhood. Finally under this criteria the aliens portray self-motivated activities that are relatively independent of external control just as warren’s criteria of personhood confirms (Warren, 2000).
Primary characteristics of aliens have met the criteria of warren’s standards of personhood. It is, therefore, correct to state that Aliens are indeed people from other planets and should be treated just as humans on earth would like to be treated. The only difference is; they have unique physical characteristics and are from other planets. The crash at Area 51 might have been a passive unintentional accident that should not be an opportunity for scientists to use alien survivors in experimental studies.
Peter Singer in his book ‘animal liberation’ believes in utilitarian idealism as a measure of good ethical behaviors and treatment of animals. He believes that this concept should be applied to animals and that the relationship between animals and humans is only arbitrary (Singer, 1979). He states that there is a big difference only between a great ape and an oyster but not between a human being and an ape. It is true that from a genetic perspective, most animals are related in many ways. Primates, under which humans and apes fall, share more that 90% of overall genetic makeup (Singer, 1979). He argues that in particular while human show high intellectual capacity than animals, it has been...

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