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Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy Essay

1102 words - 5 pages

Silberman College of Business Administration
Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

Course Description:
Survey of sales and marketing practices, constraints and promotion tools in the pharmaceutical and related industries, including new product development and licensing.

Prerequisite: MKTG5532 Strategic Marketing and PHAR6605; The Pharmaceutical Industry: Structure and Government Regulations.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

Understand segmentation and targeting marketing practices and opportunity analysis utilized by the pharmaceutical and related healthcare industries

Understand the impact of social, political, ...view middle of the document...

, Kolassa, EM "Mick," Perkins, Greg, Siecker, Bruce, Pharmaceutical Products Press®, 2002, ISBN-13: 978-0789015839

A number of Harvard Business School case studies will be required and may be purchased directly from Harvard Business School Publishing online. A link to the HBS Publishing website will be sent to you via a Blackboard announcement.

Teaching Philosophy:
The Pharmaceutical Marketing & Product Development course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the planning, implementation, and control of marketing programs utilized by pharmaceutical firms’ to achieve their business objectives. Cases, lectures, problem sets and a team project are used to illustrate effective approaches to current marketing management tasks and issues. A number of OTC and Ethical pharmaceutical settings are used to explore concepts and practices.

Course Grading and Assessment:

1. Class Participation (25% of total grade)
Preparation and discussion of cases, notes, exercises, and other assigned materials for each of the class sessions. Assigned materials are to be read and prepared in writing before class. There is no credit for attendance.
Please bring a calculator to all class sessions as you may be asked to undertake calculations as part of the case discussions. In-class exercises or problem sets may also require the use of a calculator. In order to facilitate discussion, please bring a name tent to each class session.

Note on class attendance: You are expected to attend all classes. If you are unable to attend the class meetings be sure to contact me beforehand to discuss your absence. If you are ill you will need to produce a note from your doctor to be excused. I suggest that you use a “buddy” system to ensure that if you miss a class that you get the appropriate notes from the lecture and please do not ask me to repeat a missed lecture.

2. Mid-Term Exam (25% of total grade)
The examination will be comprised of short cases and/or problem sets that require the student to apply the principles discussed in class.

3. Final Exam (25% of total grade)
The examination will be comprised of short cases and/or problem sets that require the student to apply the principles discussed in class.

4. Team Project (25% of total grade)
Project scope will be defined during the first class session.

Note on team projects: It is important to realize that, when you are a member of a team, you should treat others within that team with respect. Such respect entails that work is distributed equitably, members communicate effectively, and that individual team members should inform one another of being unable to attend meetings. Please...

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