Pharmacognostical Studies On The Root And Rhizome Of Nymphoides Hydrophylla (Linn.) O. Kuntze –An Alternate Source For Tagara Drug

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Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources
Vol. 3(3), September 2012, pp. 371-385

Pharmacognostical studies on the root and rhizome of Nymphoides hydrophylla
(Linn.) O. Kuntze –An alternate source for Tagara drug
V Madhavan1, M Jayashree1, S N Yoganarasimhan1*, M Gurudeva2, R Deveswaran3 and R Mythreyi1

Department of Pharmacognosy, MS Ramaiah College of Pharmacy, Bangalore-560 054, India
Department of Botany, VV Pura College of Science, Bangalore
Department of Pharmaceutics, MS Ramaiah College of Pharmacy, Bangalore
Received 13 October 2011; Accepted 19 January 2012

Tagara is an important drug used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of several diseases. The ...view middle of the document...

Valeriana jatamansi Jones (Valerianaceae) is the
accepted botanical source of Tagara which constitutes
as one of the ingredients in ayurvedic formulations like
Bala taila, Bilvadi gutika, Dasanga lepa, Jatiphaladya
curna, Karpuradyarka, Maha kalyanaka ghrita, Maha
narayana taila, Puga khanda, Sahacaradi taila,
Srikhandasava, to name a few2. In South India, a drug
under the name Granthika tagara (Kannada),
botanically identified as Nymphoides macrospermum
Vasudevan (Menyanthaceae) is used in place of
Tagara (Valeriana jatamansi) for the same ayurvedic
preparations, under the same formulations supporting
the fact that Granthika tagara (N. macrospermum) may
have similar therapeutic properties to that of Tagara
(V. jatamansi); furthermore, it is often found that
Granthika tagara is an admixture of different species
of Nymphoides Hill found in S. India, viz.
N. aurantiacum (Dalz.) O. Kuntze, N. hydrophylla
*Correspondent author:
Phone: +91-80-23608942

(Lour.) O. Kuntze, N. indica (Linn.) O. Kuntze and
N. macrosperumum Vasudevan3. N. indica is used as
an antiscorbutic and febrifuge, and as a substitute for
chiretta [Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Flem.) Kars.] to
treat fever and jaundice4. Literature review revealed
that while pharmacognostical studies have been carried
out on the roots and rhizome of N. macrospermum5 and
N. indica6, no work is available on N. hydrophylla7-9.
Hence, the present investigation on the root and
rhizome of N. hydrophylla was undertaken.
Materials and Methods
Plant material was collected from a water tank in the
vicinity of Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district, Tamil
Nadu, during November 2007, processed into
herbarium specimen10; voucher herbarium specimen
(Jayashree 025) and a sample of the crude drug are
preserved at the herbarium and crude drug museum of
the Department of Pharmacognosy, M S Ramaiah
College of Pharmacy, Bangalore (MSRCP). The plant
material was identified following local floras11-13 and
authenticated by S N Yoganarasimhan, Plant
Taxonomist. For pharmcognostical studies, a small
quantity of rhizome and root were preserved in 70%
alcohol; free hand sections were taken for macro- and
microscopical observations14,15. Photomicrographs
were obtained by observing the free hand sections
under a compound binocular microscope (Olympus-



CH20i model) with a built-in analogue camera
(CMOF, 1.4 mega pixel). Computer Images were
captured using AV Digitaliser fitted with a Grand VCD
2000–Capture Guard. Measurements of cells and
tissues (in µm) of the transverse section and macerate
were carried out using Micro Image Lite Image
Analysis Software (Cybernetics, Maryland, USA) and
are provided in parenthesis. Physicochemical studies,
ultra-violet and chromatographic studies were carried
out following standard methods16-20. Vernacular names
are provided...

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