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Pharmacy Service Improvement at CVS

1. The first “Customer Value Store” (CVS) opened in 1963 and grew quickly after that. By 2002, CVS was one of the largest retail drugstores in America. However, as the company grew managers began to worry that the pharmacy operations were not performing well. It was then that CVS launched a Pharmacy Service Initiative (PSI) to understand the exact condition of the pharmacy’s customer service and to make any required changes. After completing many interviews and undertaking lots of analysis and fieldwork, the PSI team found that virtually all CVS pharmacies followed the same steps to fill prescriptions and that all ...view middle of the document...

If a potential problem is found, the system will come to a stop and the fulfillment will not continue until it is reviewed by a pharmacist who may decide to continue the process or end it. Next, an insurance check is performed to ensure that the drugs being purchased with the help of an insurance company matches the drugs that the insurance company agrees to pay for. If there is a problem, employees will attempt to identify and fix the problem either while the process continues or when the customer returns to pick up the prescription.
In the third step, production, the drugs needed to fill the script are counted and verified by certified pharmacy technicians in the production area. After this is done, the quality assurance step occurs. In this step a pharmacist reviews each prescription to ensure that it contains the exactly correct drugs in the right quantities and that all other details are correct. Then in the final step, the pickup, each script is sealed in a bag. These bags are stored in alphabetical order in the pickup area. When customers arrive to pick up their prescription, the techs working at the pickup window searches for the right prescription among the bags, verifies the customer’s identities and takes any required payments for the drugs; finishing the fulfillment process.
The purpose of this fulfillment process and the organization at CVS is to provide customers with a service that is the most efficient safest way possible to receive prescriptions. Its performance objectives are to run a fulfillment process that doesn’t degrade safety, decreases waiting time and achieves great customer satisfaction. To carry out its purpose and performance objectives a company must have organizational goals put in place. Without these goals the company may not properly produce the output it’s hoping to achieve. Some of CVS’s organizational goals are to provide a fast service, to have good customer satisfaction, to be safe, to have concern for the health of their customers and to provide service with little or no problems. These goals are like steps that need to be completed for a company to successfully serve its purpose. Likewise by completing its organizational goals at CVS, the company is able to effectively provide the fast, efficient service that it describes in its purpose.
After researching CVS’s fulfillment process, the PSI team was disturbed to find that twenty-seven percent of prescriptions being filled at CVS encountered a substantial problem at some point in the fulfilment process. Very few of these problems occurred in the drop-off, production and quality assurance steps. For example, the only problem that occurred in the drop-off step was that sometimes there wasn’t a technician at the drop-off window to take customers prescriptions and in the production step the most frequent problem was that oftentimes there was insufficient inventory to fill the script. However in the data entry and pickup steps a number of different...

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