Philippines Case Study

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My short paper will focus on the Asia Pacific Region, specifically Chase Manhattan in the Philippines. In this short paper I will focus on the history, Politics, economics, business and social aspects that effect Chase Manhattan’s business relationship and future growth in the region. Many attributes effect the overall performance of a corporation especially when a division or part of the organization is offshore. Chase Manhattan works to positively support/influence these parts of Philippines’ infrastructure.
The economy in the Philippines has struggled significantly over the last 100 years due to heavy foreign debt. There is a large overseas workforce existing in the country that has caused 50% of the population to stay below the poverty line and causing the overall unemployment rate to remain over 10% for 20th ...view middle of the document...

In the mid-80’s the country had many obstacle to overcome “ national debt, government corruption, coup attempts, disasters, a persistent communist insurgency, and a military conflict with Moro separatists) as it returned to a democratic government. Since then we have seen a fairly unstable government with significant corruption up until recently. The current government is set up similar to our with a president, congress, senate and supreme court but there have still be several attempts in the last 10 years to move away from this form and establish a federal, parliamentary or unicameral government. Benigno Auquino III is the current president of the Philippines. As Commander and Chief the president is in charge of all three branches of the military the air force, navy and army. The Philippines was one of the founding member of the United Nations and has been an ally to the US since WW1.
The Philippine culture is a combination of Eastern and Western Cultures. Because of the Spanish and American Influences the culture has a significant influence on top of the surrounding Asian Influences. Philippine cuisine because of the cultural influences has become more mixed. In nature originally Malayo-Polynesian cuisine it has now taken on many traits of Hispanic, Chinese, Asian and American ingredients being included in Filipino dishes. More than 90% of the citizens are Christian and the literacy rate is 93%.


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