Philosophy In Medical Profession Essay

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“Service is the rent we pay to be living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.” - Marian Wright Edelman

My philosophy as a medical professional is based on my desire to not simply treat conditions, but to serve my patients with compassion. This philosophy has been shaped by my unique life and educational experiences.

One such experience that shaped this philosophy was the ganglion cyst excision surgery I had in high school. As a member of my high school band, I was very concerned about how this surgery would affect my ability to perform in an upcoming competition. After I expressed my concern to the doctor, he took great care to perform the surgery in a way that did not compromise my ability to perform. This experience demonstrated to ...view middle of the document...

This conversation inspired me to pursue a degree in nutrition which enabled me to better understand the relationship between nutrition and health and the ever-increasing role it plays in the practice of medicine.

After graduating with a bachelor of sciences in nutrition, I entered a graduate program in public health which further shaped my philosophy. During my graduate studies I learned the importance of health education and health disparities. Health education and health disparities are important to medical professionals because they provide a better context to not only treat diseases but to take care of the patients. My graduate studies gave me the platform to understand that a medical professional must take into account socioeconomic factors in order to better serve a patient.

In addition to my graduate studies, I also volunteered with a medical missions team. The purpose of the mission was to provide quality medical care to a medically under-served community as well as to minister to their spiritual needs. I was given the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in assisting the surgeons with several surgeries. These surgeries were performed with limited equipment, however the results of the surgeries were remarkable. My participation in this mission taught me that a medical professional must be able to provide quality medical care in the face of extenuating circumstances.

While I am sure that I could find enriching experiences in other fields, medicine offers me the best opportunity to serve humanity with compassion. The diversity of my experiences is my biggest asset. These experiences have shaped the philosophy of medicine upon which I can build my career - - a philosophy based on my desire to not simply treat ailments, but to serve my patients with compassion.

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