Philosophy Of Education Essay

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sIn today’s society a good, well rounded education is what every child needs
to succeed. The classroom environment, the curriculum, and the way the
classroom is managed are all important factors that contribute to the quality
of education that a child receives.

I believe that the learning environment is very important to a child’s desire
to learn. Like Rousseau, I think that education should take place in a rural
setting when possible. Ideally the classes would be small, consisting of
fifteen to twenty students. This allows for a more intimate relationship
between the student and the teacher. By this I mean there is more time for
individualized instruction. I also feel that the school environment should be
open and bright. When I attended high school there were no windows in the
building. This made me feel ...view middle of the document...

If these
children do not plan to attend college, they should be allowed to enroll in a
vocational training field of their choice.

Another subject that is not mentioned but one that I feel to be very
important is drug education. I feel that our educational system does not
spend enough time covering drugs and how dangerous they can be. One
chapter in a health book is not enough. I feel it should be taught in depth for
at least a semester. In this country there is a constantly growing drug
problem. If children could learn more about the effects of drugs, maybe it
could help them to make better decisions concerning drugs.

Classroom management is another key factor to a child’s education. I
believe in a structured classroom environment. Many states are now setting
standards that the students and schools must meet. Therefore I feel that a
good mix of direct instruction and hands-on type of activities are best for
this situation. I also feel students should be held accountable for their actions
in the classroom; rewarded for exceptional behavior and punished for
disruptive behavior. I feel that set of ground rules should be established from
day one and strictly adhered to. I don’t want to be a taskmaster, but if you let
children by with misbehavior, they will not respect you. If you have a child’s
respect then they will listen to you and you may then properly instruct them.

My goal as an instructor is to prepare the student for society. If a student
acquires a general understanding of my and other classes, then he or she
should be able to make good decisions in life. A comfortable environment
for learning, a broad curriculum, and a well-managed classroom are all key
factors to a quality education. I am a perfectionist, and even if a situation is
good, I am always looking for ways to make it better. I look forward to
becoming an educator and hopefully I can make a difference in many young

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