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Philosophy Of Music Education Essay

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Philosophy of Music Education:
Why I Want to be a Music Teacher
Ever since I was in high school I wanted to become a music educator, music has been the most important part of my life. Although sometimes the classes were challenging, I know that my initial music classes prepared me to become the musician that I am today. In retrospect, being a part of the band and playing saxophone has always been a source of tremendous pride for my life thus far. It is that pride and sense of accomplishment that made music as rewarding as it is and I believe that the music teacher should do his/her best to share and promote this experience.
The Musical Environment that I Wish to Create
In order to give my students this chance to enjoy music as I have, I will strive to create an environment ...view middle of the document...

Guaranteeing Success
All students need to feel successful. I believe that in the music classroom, the goal is to have as many people as possible playing music when they are supposed to and this means teaching at a pace that can be grasped by all the students. Part of guaranteeing success involves the daily implementation of routines such as set-up, warm-up, wrap-up, and listening to music. While student teaching I have learned that at the elementary, middle and high school levels, these routines need to be practiced and followed very closely. When effective routines are in place, students know what they have to do and they do it efficiently.
Motivation in the Music Classroom
I know first hand that motivation can be an issue when learning music. In my experience, knowing that I had a recital or rehearsal coming up always kept me focused and energized. During student teaching I have noticed that goals set in the forms of a test, a concert, or general technical goals seem to enhance the performance of students. If they are aware of these goals, their hard work will be purposeful and they will help me achieve my goal which is to help them love music.
Philosophy of Conducting Band
During the fall season of 2007-2009 Student Directing, I discovered what the true role of the conductor in a school band is. It is assumed that students who are in the marching/concert band are familiar with rhythms and already know how to count measures of rest. However, I found that many students do not yet possess full confidence when it comes time to play their part at the right moment. When I conducted, I discovered that my job was to create that confidence by using eye contact and cueing gestures. I found that if the student's confidence is raised in such a way, then music is made and the student is successful.

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