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Philosophy Of Religion Essay

860 words - 4 pages

Assignment 1

Write an essay on the God of the philosophers. Who or what is God according to traditional Classical philosophy? Refer in your answer specifically to Plato and Aristotle’s objective idea of God. Also refer to Augustine’s response to Classical philosophy. Conclude your essay with your own critical assessment. Do you agree or disagree with the philosophers?

Use Chapter 4 of your prescribed textbook (‘The God of the Philosophers’) in order to answer the question.


1. Brief summary of the God of the philosophers
2. The traditional God and gods
3. Plato and Aristotle’s objective ideas of God
4. Conclusion
5. References

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The stories were of great magnitude and the beliefs were storing throughout the societies of the Romans and the Greeks.
When a new, more modern system of belief came in, somewhat established by Augustine and maybe even so by Plato, the old gods of Olympus started to fall away and the power of one all mighty God was instilled into the working of the human belief system. This changed the way human beings viewed themselves by becoming more obedient to one God instead of many. I don’t think the philosophers saw the gods or God in the same light as most others did. They wanted answer to questions they couldn’t understand.
3. Plato and Aristotle’s objective ideas of God:
Plato didn’t favour the stories of the gods and pleaded that only the goodness and the righteous stories be told and taught. He believed that everything was done out of goodness and for goodness. Plato then created a god of his own (Ward 2002: 137). He says that truth is knowledge and that is being, and anything that can be made from that must be made by and an all good, all perfect God. Plato also didn’t believe in an evil entity. Only that there was goodness to be shared but sometimes from that there came conflict.
Aristotle on the other hand thought that God only created because he wanted to and because he could. Not because he had to. He was...

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