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Philosophy On Ethic Essay

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The central question in this philosophy curse is to define what the good life is. So how I will know whether or not I have lived a good life?
Both Plato and Aristotle said that the good life is total virtue. Plato reasons that a person will exhibit total virtue when his desires have been extinguished, while Aristotle believes the perfection will bring forth the virtue in men. Both Plato and Aristotle agree that education is the means to learn virtue. Is this the good life for me that being virtue as Plato and Aristotle stated? I do not think so because as I thought good life is to do what I want to do not only being virtue and desires extinguished. I think Education is a good way to being ...view middle of the document...

” One of the important things to have a good life for Christians is to see the perspectives of others even if you personally disagree with them. I do think this is the way I have been looking for in my past 22 years. I like to treat others kindly as they treated me even they are not. I always volunteer to help people even they are not asking for help sometimes. Thus I do not mean that I am the Christian, I just enjoy the way to live such as Christian. The only one different between me and Christian is I am not praying to the God.
What is included in my personal understanding of living an ethical or moral existence? Plato and Aristotle both give us an ultimate ethical or moral existence which is virtue. Nietzsche also shows his Anti-realism about superman and willing power. However, as my personal thinking, Plato and Aristotle’s statement are too far away from our daily life; Nietzsche’s goal of superman is difficult to convince and a little bit crazy. Neither of them can fit my personal understanding of living an ethical or moral existence. Through the Christian theory, I have some ideas about moral existence which are belief with its focus on responsiveness to God in the whole of life. To myself, I am not believe any God except myself but I still respect and enjoy talking about Christian’s belief. I think the Christian moral philosophy is nothing less than to interpret human life in all its depth and complexity. The constitutive fact of moral existence is not the self’s encounter with itself, but our self-relation in and through encounters with others. Moreover, living an ethical or moral existence is not the most important thing in my life. In one level, evil is existed everywhere in our...

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