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Philosophy On Leadership Essay

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Philosophy on Leadership

1. Leaders lead by example. They are leaders both in and out of uniform. Leaders should perform in a manner that their Soldiers would strive to emulate them. Leaders use sound judgment and make wise decisions based on experience and what they know is right.

2. Leaders know how to motivate their Soldiers. They are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Non-commissioned Officers lead from the front with competence and confidence that inspires their Soldiers to follow them.

3. Leaders are self-disciplined and do not require someone else to “police them up”. Leaders evaluate themselves daily and always do what they know is morally and ethically right, even when no one else is watching.

4. Leaders instill discipline in their Soldiers through respect and a strong set of values. They use the Army ...view middle of the document...

Leaders give specific instructions and ensure those instructions are fully understood. It has been said that an uninformed soldier is a useless soldier. Talk to your Soldiers. Post training schedules, duty rosters, policy letters, etc., and ensure your Soldiers read them. Give soldiers time to prepare themselves for events to come.

6. Leaders take care of Soldiers. This is at the forefront of the duties of the Non-Commissioned Officer. They ensure the Soldiers needs are met, and they ensure the Soldier is adhering to the needs of his or her family.

7. Leaders ensure the mission is accomplished on time, all the time. They do not compromise quality for the sake of saving time. They ensure their Soldiers are engaged in a manner that they are most productive in order to meet the mission requirements in any environment.

8. Leaders plan and conduct effective training. This is accomplished by being involved in every step of the training process from identifying the training requirement to execution of the training. Leaders are always training their Soldiers, from the first command of “attention” in the morning to the command “dismissed” at the end of the duty day. Plan ahead, and execute rehearsals. Never put yourself in front of Soldiers without being prepared.

9. Physical fitness is a vital part of leadership. Not all leaders are marathon runners, power lifters, or gifted athletes. What sets a leader apart is that leaders have heart, desire, discipline, and the will to keep going long after their body says quit. This is the same attitude that we as leaders want to instill in our Soldiers. Leaders set realistic fitness goals for themselves and their Soldiers, and work diligently to exceed those goals.

10. Leaders know that safety is paramount. They never take shortcuts that would place their Soldiers or themselves in harm’s way. Leaders stress the importance of safety to their Soldiers at all times. Leaders know that there is nothing worse than to lose a Soldier to an act of carelessness or negligence.

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