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Plato’s Metaphysics
Plato seeks to find true wisdom, for without it we only see a shade of the true worlds wonders, and can’t hope to understand the worlds true nature. Exactly what is this true wisdom Plato searches for and does this wisdom truly bring happiness? Plato seeks a pure wisdom, he calls the form of good, not so he can better understand nature, but so he can better understand himself. Only once he understands the true nature of himself will he have the capacity to understand the true world around him. We focus mainly on Plato’s allegory of the cave and Aristotle’s Golden mean to answer this question. The reason I seek to ...view middle of the document...

Aristotle in some ways agreed with Plato’s thoughts on where to find happiness but he also went in a different direction than Plato did.
Aristotle explains that the origin, nature, and development of virtues, which are essential for achieving the ultimate goal, happiness, must be desired for itself. It must not be confused with carnal or material pleasures, although there are many people who consider this to be real happiness, since they are the most basic form of pleasures. Aristotle says in his theory of the Golden Mean “That happiness is the end goal of life and is realized through continuous acting in accordance with virtues which, like happiness, must be desired for themselves, not for the short term pleasures that can be derived from them. This is not to say that happiness is void of pleasures, but that pleasures are a natural effect, not the purpose” (Golden Mean). Confucius was said to have created something similar to the Golden Mean in his works called The Doctrine of Means, also known as The Constant Mean or Middle Way. A reasonable objection Confucius brought to light would be that “There has to be times in which it is appropriate to go to one extreme or the other, as in instances of anger” (Doctrine of Means). Courage is the middle between one extreme of deficiency (cowardness) and the other extreme of excess (recklessness). A coward would be a warrior who flees from the battlefield and a reckless warrior would charge at fifty enemy soldiers. This doesn't mean that the golden mean is the exact arithmetical middle between extremes, but that the middle depends upon the situation. There is no universal middle that would apply to every situation. Aristotle said, "It's easy to be angry, but to be angry at the right time, for the right reason, at the right person and in the right intensity must...

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