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Phl 458 Paper

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Critical Thinking and Society
Jason Terry
September 3, 2012
Cher Summers

Critical Thinking and Society
In the business world, we are influenced by the thoughts and actions of those around us. We are often encouraged to change our opinion or views based on the information that we are given at that moment in time. Persuasive speaking has proven to be an effective form of communication. When used properly it can change the way we operate and or manage many of our working environments. In this paper I plan to describe a situation which critical and creative thinking could have been used more effective to produce a better outcome in my personal working environment. The ...view middle of the document...

Go live was a huge success; it changed the way we do business from that point on. It cost almost 2 million dollars in labor to make this happen and no one seemed to think about this when it was being negotiated 2 years prior. If thinking critically and creatively the additional money could have been set aside for training or delay on other construction projects until the money was available. As a result of not thinking critically 2 years ago, today we are faced with restructuring our organization and removing 60 employees from our organization.
Foundations of Thought
In the business world external force is always driving our decisions. Free will is uncontrived choices that we make. Truth is the factual data or something that can be verified. Knowledge is the information obtained to contrive the decision, and opinion is our personal gut feeling that we have about something even though we may not have the data to support it. Free will and opinion go hand in hand; both use our internal set of beliefs, values, and instincts to form thoughts. Truth and knowledge look for the facts and data to support our critical thinking. Each of the four foundations can be used independently or in any combination to form our thoughts.
Habits that Hinder Critical Thinking
Habits that hinder thinking are obstacles that must be overcome to form thoughts. A person’s instinctive rejection of new ideas and concepts that alter their current environment is resistance to change. To overcome this hindrance the person must be willing to except change and evaluate its effectiveness. Stereotyping creates an unfair image of an entire group of people based on information that may not be accurate. We must look at each person or situation individually in order to give a fair assessment. Aligning with the views and beliefs of others based on the need to fit in is conformity. ...

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