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Phl/458 Week 3 Visual Organizer Essay

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Tuning a Duck Call – Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer breaks down a problem looked in week #2. I had been having trouble with duck calling and found out that they were out of tune, so I had to go about researching and tuning the calls. This graphic organizer starts with the Original Issue and goes through problem solving methods and ends up with a Final Solution.
Key facts:
After much research, I was able to come to these final conclusions and instructions by following the creative thinking process for tuning a call. At the end of the day, I was surprised to find out that it is my personal preference and air pressure I put into the call that makes it ...view middle of the document...


The first step will be to slide your insert out of your barrel. Like listed above, you will see the interior of the call and be ready to completely disassemble the reeds, and wedge. 

After getting some extra reeds from whatever call company you are using, you will need to find the bend in the reed. This is the most important part of tuning your call. Reeds have a natural curve from where they were stamped on the roll of Mylar. Some might not be as distinct as others, but all will have a bend. To find the bend, place the reed in-between your thumb and pointer finger. SLIGHTLY squeeze on the reed until it makes a bow or C shape. This bow is the bottom of your reed and is placed on the tone board. If you are having trouble doing this, place the reed on a smooth table, and try to spin the reed. If the reed spins freely, flip it over and spin again. Whichever side the reed doesn't spin will on is the bottom of the reed. 

Place the reed on the tone board, and make sure it's centered and hold in place by you free thumb on the top of the reed. You should also check with your manufacturer to make sure they don't use different size wedges for single or double reed setups. Foiles Migrators uses a different size for their calls. The double reed wedge is a little thinner than the single reed wedge. A single reed wedge has an outward or flush dimple; a double reed wedge has a recessed dimple. Noticing the different sizes is extremely important because you don't want to run the risk of breaking the outside of the cork slot. Slide the cork or wedge into the slot centered about 3/4 of the way down. Then, while still holding the reed in place with your thumb, use the shaft of a small screw driver or the blade of you scissors to gently push wedge all the way to the back of the cork slot. This will put even pressure on the wedge to make sure it goes in flush. 

Now, if you are using cork wedge it should be cut to length before you install the new reed (s), this can be done by placing the new cork into the cork slot with an old reed and gently cutting it with a sharp knife till its flush with the end of the cork slot. Place the cork in your mouth for a few seconds to loosen it up where it will slide into your cork slot without allot of force, once you have your cork in place you will need to trim the excess off . This can be done using an Xacto knife or sharp razor blade. First trimming the excess off the sides be careful as not to cut into your insert.

Only experienced tuners should attempt to cut the cork while the new reed is in place, if you’re unsure on doing this, the call should be tuned by an experienced staffer or sent back to the shop to be tuned.

The next step is the most time consuming, and will take the utmost attention and patience. We are now ready to trim the reed(s). You will need to use a sharp pair of scissors to do this. I use surgical scissors, and try to keep them away from moisture to prevent rusting. Before you get started,...

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