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Physical Appearance And Job Essay

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Physical appearance can affect one’s carrier in 2009, confirms Anne Bourhis professor at Montreal HEC also the recruitment and selection specialist at the human resources department. The criteria vary in every domain. People with piercing and colored hair are more demanded in creative works than traditional ones. Look plays an important role when the individual represent a company. In some cases the promotion for certain job requires that the candidate has the outfit required for the job. Firms are allowed to select their candidates to meet their criteria as long as there in no discrimination against gender, skin color, or weight. The author, Martine Letarte, emphasizes that physical appearance and unusual dressing style can hurt one’s carrier and can create an obstacle finding the desired ...view middle of the document...

3 of the text book which focuses on the issue of social influence under subtitle Conformity-Going Along with Others. According to the textbook the definition of conformity is “changing behavior as a result of real or imagined group pressure” (Huffman, p 556). The textbook explains that people adapt and adjust their behavior to be accepted in a group. Similarly, Letarte explains in her article that some people change their physical appearances or norms in order to get accepted in a group. She clarifies this idea by providing an example of Andreanne who had to remove some of her visual piercings to be promoted. She sacrifices some of her piercing for the job she wanted to have. The only thing that did not qualify her for the job was her physical appearance, mainly the body piercing.
The article attracted my attention because it, apart from its above mentioned significant, reveals that our society is very demanding. I agree that there should be some style conformity. I had a job as teller at the Bank of Montreal and I was asked to wear a tie every day. I did not like it but I had to wear a tie to have the approval for the job. I believe that most of us do not want to see our prime minister to have piercing and always wears sportswear. There is a norm in our social life that we should follow. It does not mean that the intellectual talent is confronted with the exterior outfit but it is a norm required by the society. A job candidate with body piercing and tattoo is less likely to find a job than somebody who has a traditional outlook. In conclusion, I would like to underline that an employer has the right to refuse to hire an employee due to severe visual tattoos or body piercing if that causes a negative impact on their company as long as there is no discrimination against gender, skin color and ethnicity.

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