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Schools provide many opportunities for young people to engage in physical activity and can play an important role in motivating young people to stay active. a comprehensive approach to promoting physical activity through schools includes · Quality, daily physical education. · Classroom health education that complements physical education by giving students ...view middle of the document...

All children, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, should participate in quality physical education classes every school day. Physical education helps students develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors, and confidence needed to be physically active for life, while providing an opportunity for students to be active during the school day Leading professionals in the field of physical education have developed a new kind of physical education that is fundamentally different from the stereotypical “roll out the balls and play” classes of decades past that featured little meaningful instruction and lots of humiliation for students who were not athletically coordinated. Professional associations, academic experts, and many teachers across the country are promoting and implementing quality physical education programs (Appendix 10) that emphasize participation in lifelong physical activity among all students.Quality physical education is not a specific curriculum or program; it reflects, instead, an instructional philosophy that emphasizes· Providing intensive instruction in the motor and self-management skills needed to enjoy a wide variety of physical activity experiences, including competitive and noncompetitive activities. · Keeping all students active for most of the class period. · Building students’ confidence in their physical abilities. · Influencing moral development by providing students with opportunities to assume leadership, cooperate with others, and accept responsibility for their own behavior. · Having fun! The importance of making physical education fun was illustrated by a national survey of students in grades 4–12, which found that enjoyment of physical education class was one of the most powerful factors associated with participation in physical activity outside of school.22Quality physical education is more than just fun, however; it is also a serious academic discipline. Physical education and health education are recognized as important components of the education curricula .
To cover the necessary instructional components (Appendix 12) and to provide opportunities for adequate skill practice and health-enhancing physical activity, quality physical education should be offered every day to all students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Unfortunately, most U.S. students do not participate in daily physical education, and the proportion of students with daily physical education has been declining over time.14 In 1994, only 17% of middle/junior high schools and 2% of high schools required physical education 5 days per week each year.25 The majority of high school students take physical education for only 1 year between 9th and 12th grades.26 Healthy People 20105 includes objectives for increasing the percentage of schools offering, and the percentage of students participating in, daily physical education classes (Appendix 3). Illinois is the only state that currently requires daily physical...

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