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Physical Journeys Staring Down My Demons

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Physical journeys can have an important emotional impact. Discuss this statement in relation to the text you have studied.
Physical journeys can have an important emotional impact because in the learning process of completing a physical journey, our emotions have the power to influence our ability in processing information, making certain choices and accurately understanding what we encounter. This means that within the learning processes of completing a journey, emotions provide opportunities for travellers to extend themselves physically and intellectually, responding to challenges and learning more about themselves, relationships with people and the world around them. An example of an ...view middle of the document...

This is shown by the emotionally descriptive writings, “people talk about closure, but for me the search for my father’s and my grandfather’s final resting places felt more than that. For me, I had finally found completeness.” This quote suggests that within Bouda’s serenity of finally finding peace and closure, he also felt complete in undertaking the emotional journey of discovering a part of himself – a part of his father and grandfather. The comparative depiction ‘people talk about closure, but for me…” also proposes an emotional extremity (due to comparisons) and a confirmation of this new found serenity of Bouda’s.
Another quote that suggests how Bouda’s emotions play a compulsory part in the learning process of self-discovery includes the emotional description when he locates his grandfather’s burial, “I can’t explain it. Perhaps it was the near exhaustion of five days of extremely hard and tiring work. More likely it was the raw emotion of finally being so close to a tangible link to the grandfather I never knew.” This quote suggests that, in locating his grandfather’s burial, and finally being so close to a tangible link with him, Bouda not only received the opportunity to somewhat find closure, but experienced feelings of metaphorically “raw” emotion. These significant feelings of emotion were also an important check point in learning about himself because they contributed to Bouda’s physical and intellectual journey, affecting how he was able to interpret what he learnt along the way. Along with this, the mere colloquial language of ‘can’t’ could also be interpreted as a sense of familiarity for readers to interpret (possibly a technique to reach out to those with mutual feelings of sadness or loss for comfort) as this sort of language is quite informal.

Therefore, physical journeys like “Staring down My Demons” can have an important emotional impact because emotions can play a compulsory part in the way the traveller learns about themselves. Bouda, by facing extensive challenges, and comprehending all waves of emotion varying from devastation to tears of joy, was able to learn about himself, discovering his male lineage’s burials and their past, all the while, finding serenity in the peace and closure he insisted on finding.
Secondly, physical journeys like “Staring Down My Demons” can have an important emotional impact because emotional power allows travellers to extend themselves physically and intellectually and respond to challenges. For example, with Bouda, his love and care for his lineage was the very reasoning for extending himself out into the country of Papua New Guinea (a place he swore he would never visit, because of the deaths of his father and grandfather) and responding to the obstacles of taking risks, finding transportation, and locating the burials. Despite even having to overcome these obstacles and the negative feelings that came with it, Bouda persisted because he truly felt emotionally empowered by...

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