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Physical Punishment Should Be Allowed In School

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Physical punishment should be allowed in school.

형준 : (cogent)I agree with physical punishment because the teachers’s authority is encroached. physical punishment is a basic means to control the students. It is difficult for one teacher to control many students. 

jamie : (interjection) Teacher can teach students without physical punishment. The many teachers think that a punishment is the best way in our society. Don't you think that is wrong?

kate : If the teachers can’t control the students, they will lose the teachers’s authority. (statistic)In infringement of teachers’s authority that occurred in the last year , unfair act is accounted for 40% by the students and parents. The ...view middle of the document...

One of these surveys from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that more than 90% of teachers who inflicted physical punishment said that it was so effective that their students followed them immediately and changed their misbehavior. However, contrary to this fact, nine in ten students said that the physical punishment affects them mentally as they were humiliated from their teacher. In addition, through such punishment, the change in behavior is short-lived. The American Academy of Pediatrics indicates that “Students subjected to physical punishment may grow insecure, or violent.”
(Emotional appeal and words) As we can see in this research, physical punishment can cause some students to become withdrawn, anxious, isolated fearful, or rebellious.

Bonnie : (interjection) : But, I don’t think so. Aftereffect by corporal punishment is not a problem of corporal punishment. It is depend on the qualification of teachers. And it is not the only the side effects.

jamie : The fear of physical punishment can encourage the students to lie and cheat to avoid the punishment. Let’s think this problem as your family problem. What if your sister or brother is suffering from this matter? What if they do not want to go to school because of this matter? We should realize that this is still a huge issue in our society and need to find the effective alternatives to physical punishment.
(Contrast) Here is a great case of using effective alternatives. In many countries, including Canada, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand and nearly all of Europe, physical punishment in schools has been outlawed. Also, not all of Unites States banned physical punishment, but they apply a rule rigorously instead of physical punishment. In these countries, teachers try to talk and use warm words instead of actions, listen to their children, explain reasons, use positive reinforcement, and teach by example. These effective alternatives provide parents and teachers with greater understanding of children's development, present strategies which can lead to less violent behavior in children and adults, and decrease the frustration and helplessness in parents which often lead to physical punishment.

kate : (opposition)You may think the students have a human rights. Your thinking is right. Every persons are protected in law, because they are equal. But the teachers and students are not a same relation in school. The teachers have a responsibility to guide the students, the students also have a responsibility to conform to the teachers. But many students don’t conform to the teachers. Even they abuse the teachers shouldn't hit them. (contrast)For example, united kingdom has discarded a no-touch policy. It was first time for Labour government to abolish the policy in almost 13-years. The students predisposed to violence increased because the teachers shouldn't touch their bodies. Therefore, the teachers lost their authority and a problem that injured students was increasing was...

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