Physical Security Policy Essay

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Physical Security Policy

Sunday March 24 2013

Merkow and Breithaupt (2006) state, “an often overlooked connection between physical systems (computer hardware) and logical systems (the software that runs on it) is that, in order to protect logical systems, the hardware running them must be physically secure” (p.165).
Some entry controls that we can implement are making sure all doors are locked, implementing a system of alarm systems that are watched twenty-four seven, we should implement a system that allows badge access to the building, plus having the badges pop a picture on the computer to show who just came in the building. We should also implement restricted ...view middle of the document...

To protect the company’s information and assets a physical security policy has to be developed and enforced.
An isolated delivery and loading area is also very important for any business. Others that are delivering goods and services may attempt to intrude in to restricted areas to gain access to information that can help them rob or steal valuable assets. Most businesses have a designated spot as well as they require all visitors to sign in and also be escorted in by security.
Work place protection procedures are definitely needed to maintain security and keep all information confidential. There should be a written policy related to security practices and procedures that all representatives should be trained upon and are required to follow. There should be someone that is assigned to make sure all information and documents are safeguarded. One should also be aware of their current level of security.
All unused ports must be secured at all times, if the port is used for transient purposes, such as when a sales or executive employee visits a facility, then provisions must be made be made by and notice given to the information security department. Ports that are unused that are needed for future expansion plans must be temporarily disconnected until needed.”
All network and server equipment should be kept secure and there should be limited access to the equipment. All network equipment should be kept in a climate controlled room where it can’t...

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