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Physician Assisted Suicide: A Contentious Topic Today

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Physician Assisted Suicide
Tara Faircloth
SOC 120
Mr. Niehaus
October 10, 2011

Assisted suicide is a very contentious topic in the world today. Everyone has their own opinion on this subject and it is a socially debated subject that involves a person making a choice, whether it is a choice to continue on with their life or give up hope and end their life. This should be a choice a person should make for themselves. While in the United States only one state has legalized assisted suicide. I agree with assisted suicide and this paper will support my feelings on this subject.
What is Physician assisted suicide? Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is also called Physician aid-in-death ...view middle of the document...

But at the same time the rights of the ill individual should be factored in on those debates. Everyone should keep in mind that it is the individual’s choice especially in a case where there is extreme consistent pain. The term “assisted suicide” does not include just the involvement of a physician it also involves other people such as family, friends, and nurses.
The reason for this argument is to focus on the involvement of medical professionals in the assistance in a persons’ death. Assisted suicide can be better defined as “the act of intentionally killing oneself with the assistance of another whom knowingly provides the means to provide the assistance of the suicide” (Gupta 2). The medical communities should have the right to offer this type of service has been a major question, this question argues if a physician’s responsibility is to give a patient the best life possible. The adversaries that argue this point believe that the medical community does not have the right to perform this type of assistance.
Although, the argument for this situation is ignoring the fact that these fatally ill patients are in agonizing pain and have decided that they can’t go on with the pain anymore. For the terminally ill being able to receive this service can be a God send. People seem to not realize what these patients go through can be very painful, expensive, and debilitating in order for their lives to be artificially prolonged. It would be more beneficial for the medical communities to have some type of solution for these types of patients if they wish to not have their lives prolonged. All the arguments for this issue raise questions and the rights and responsibilities are posed, if it is impossible to recover then it should be the physicians duty to provide that patient with whatever type of care to end their pain and suffering; even if that means providing them (if upon their request) with a way to end their suffering. Along with this idea is that every person in this situation should have the right to decide when and how their life ends. Being kept alive by modern technology against their wishes is considered to be cruel and inhumane, especially if that person is always in pain. The patient should have the right to decide when they want to end their live without pain. While the patient should choose to take their own life by other means such as disconnecting tubes or shutting off life support; since doing this can cause more pain and suffering doctors can offer an easier solution for them that can make their death more peaceful.
In spite of all the arguments that have been made by the opposing side, they still claim that the involvement of physicians in assisting a patient suicide is cruel and inhumane because they are supposed to be dedicated in the healing of the patient. What they are failing to realize is that by forcing the patient to stay on life support or to just deal with the pain and suffering is cruel and inhumane. No one should...

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