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Piercings And Tattoos On The Adolescent Body

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Systems of domination are used to control the adolescent body to conform to patterns of the normative. Some patterns may include the mass media or peer pressure. The females and males who are pressured within the society are forced to make a choice. Whether or not they live with their body modification, it is up to them and the loved ones around them that make the choice for them.Socialization has played a part in the past and more importantly, today. It seems that for an adolescent to change their physique, they turn to the media. For those who have to undergo a procedure against their will, or because your culture requires it, the consequences could be deadly. You may also be prone to an ...view middle of the document...

The presentation on tattooing and body piercing just may have scared anyone who thought about getting one done! There are many risks that one can avoid by going to the shops and asking questions. Additional research can be done on the internet and by calling the numbers on the web pages. Since I took so many chances with my skin by tattooing it and piercing more than my ears, I am comfortable talking about this topic. I won't encourage a teenager, but it is something that one should put a lot of thought into. I can relate to many of the stories that were handed out. One in particular is titled "Tattoo you-and Me." My mother took me for a tattoo at the age of 15 for my 16th birthday. We knew of the place, meaning that it was sterile, and it is always a plus if someone you know recommends you. I wasn't given a permission slip, but the tattoo artist did follow all the guidelines of safety.A tattoo may symbolizes the death of a loved one or a personal object that you like. In my case, I love butterflies. I have about four tattoos with butterflies. It may have been the wrong decision at the age 15, but I had done research like my mother asked me to. I knew there would be some pain involved and I would really have to take good care of it. I would also have to say that they are addictive! I went back at 16, 17 and 18.Hepatitis C and HIV can be contracted by cross-contamination. Gloves should always be worn to prevent this. After a tattoo or piercing, the artist should break the razor and needles used. The tattoo artist or piercer should take the Board of Health directions seriously. If they don't, they risk numerous fines and their shop can be closed down.I had also explained to the class that some may have a serious allergic reaction to the dyes used. This can take up to several weeks to develop. It is a risk in itself to get a tattoo or piercing, but many men and women like them. Teenagers may take a risk in getting one and not letting their parents know. You have to remember that it is there for life, unless you want to spend almost double what you pay to have it done to get it removed.In the last decade, celebrities, entertainers and athletes have popularized tattoos and body piercings among teenagers. Some parents of the teens may be concerned with their behavior. Some studies have shown that there may be signs of depression, low self-esteem or peer pressure. However, from experience, having a tattoo or piercing doesn't mean that the teenager is in trouble.Visual images are everywhere: television, magazines, movies, newspapers, and billboards. The media is a powerful creator of the individual, or at that matter, the teen primarily. They reinforce to try to remake the reality of our own body. The self-expression fad is usually a short-lived fad. It is a window of opportunity that teens face. Parents that don't agree with the behavior should remind their teen that trends die out. They should also explain, if they know any of the risks involved with a...

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