Pinciples Of Assessment In Life Long Learning Sector

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1.1 Analyse how types of assessment are used in lifelong learning

Assessments should be a regular process; it might not always be formalised, but you should be observing what your students are doing, asking questions and reviewing their progress throughout their time with you (Gravells 2012). It Is a way of finding out if learning has taken place .It enables to ascertain whether the student has gained the required skills, knowledge and attitudes needed at a given point towards their programme of learning. Assessment is not another term for evaluation: assessment is of the students whereas evaluation is of the program. Assessment is specific towards student’s achievements and how they can ...view middle of the document...

It also helps me in ensuring student is on the right programme and at the right level. Initial can also be helpful in identifying if the student needs any additional support needs and also identifying specific requirements: for example, literacy, numeracy, and computer. Types of initial assessments are:  

• Tutor Observation

• One-to-one interviews. This will help me learn if the learner is on the right course and what assignments they must do to complete the course. 

• Competency tests (maths, ICT and literacy). This will help me see if the students are competent in these skills. If there is any weakness I can then pinpoint those to the right people to help with them improve. 

• Essay writing. This will show me if the student is competent with their literacy skills. There will be a lot of written work throughout the course.

Formative Assessment

This assessment takes place continually throughout student time and this allow for development to take place. Assessing students on a formative basis will enable to see if they are ready prior to a summative assessment (Black and Williams, 1998). formative Assessment is an on-going process. These will take place during the lesson. This can take the form of :

• Quizzes and puzzles: With multiple choice answers will help me to see if the students have learned anything from their previous set of lessons.

• Verbal question and answers: This will help me see if the students comprehend the topic. 

• Journals: Also can be used; to help the student record their feelings about the lessons, what went right and what can be improved on. This will enable me to assess whether I am teaching at the correct level or if I need to adjust my plan and methods.

• Observations: I can walk around the room and observe the student’s work while taking anecdotal notes. Should use activities, quizzes and short tasks for them to carry out which would make the assessment more interesting and highlight the areas which the students need development. Teaching to pass test or examination does not maximise a student’s ability and potential and they may forget everything afterwards.

The formative assessment helps me in identifying areas where learning is taking longer than anticipated, or where it has been learned quickly. The session can then be altered to allow more or less time as appropriate or future sessions changed by lengthening or shortening the time spent on a subject or using a different method of delivery to suit the particular class and students.

Summative Assessment

It usually occurs at the end of a programme, topic or unit or full qualification. They are quite stressful to students and sometimes lead to a fail result even the student is quite capable under other circumstances. Summative Assessments are carried out at the end of a course to measure how much has been retained and where necessary can be articulated. This is usually through: 

• End of...

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