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Pinnacle Project Essay

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g. Analysis account balance for Account Receivable, inventory, and short/current long-term debt.
Account Receivable
* 2011: 7,936,409
* 2012: 8,619,857
* 2013: 13,042,165
Based on these account receivable, the number is slightly changed between 2011 and 2012 around $683,448 and there is significantly increased from 2012 to 2013 about $4,422,308. The reason why the number is extremely high for 2013 could be because Pinnacle just recently acquired the second division, which is Solar-Electro, and the third division Machine-Tech is only operated for two years. Since those two divisions only operated for a short period of time, company might have promotion for existed customers to ...view middle of the document...

Also new to Pinnacle, is currently 2nd year of operations.
Pinnacle’s broad of directors has recently considered selling this division in order to focus more on core operations-engine manufacturing. Management has agreed to evaluate this year’s operating results. Excellent operating results may have the effect of keeping the division for the next few year

Also new to Pinnacle, is currently 2nd year of operations.
Pinnacle’s broad of directors has recently considered selling this division in order to focus more on core operations-engine manufacturing. Management has agreed to evaluate this year’s operating results. Excellent operating results may have the effect of keeping the division for the next few year
The solar powered engine market is relatively new, and Pinnacle’s top management believes that the Solar-Electro division will be extremely profitable in the future as the focus on global climate change continues and when highly anticipated EPA regulations make solar powered engines mandatory for certain public...

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