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Pit Master Essay

782 words - 4 pages

Untangling the Integration Hairball with a Data Integration Hub
ARCH107 Presented by Bertrand Cariou, Charles Hughes 04/15/2014

Informatica Data Integration Hub
Solution Overview

Challenges With Integrating Data


What is a CIO’s Typical Concern?
Where is the most time and money spent today?


KTLO Managing Applications
40 % Managing Applications



Lifecycle of the Hairball
Cloud Technologies

ERP Finance

Sales ODS

Complex Transformation

Flat files Logs



Industry Standards

Data Marts

Time Consuming Costly
People & Process


Who Cares? Impact ...view middle of the document...

) applications in acquisition intensive environment

Large European Bank
Hundreds of publish/subscribe batch processes used to integrate analytical applications between business divisions and multiple mainframe banking silos (investments, retail etc.)

Global Manufacturing Company
Manage hundreds of integrations between multiple SAP systems, analytic systems , and other operational systems focused on application integration management and monitoring

Government Agency
Automating flow of employee Leave and Time-off tracking information from various agencies between mainframe and SAP applications

Return on Investment
Typical Enterprise > $1B Annual Revenue  Manages between 100 and 1000 interfaces  Creates 20 – 30 new interfaces annually  Incurs > $100K average cost per interface  Requires > 60 days to satisfy each new Interface request

Typical Enterprise > $1B Annual Revenue  Publication re-use (redundant interfaces) > $600K  Automatic code generation > $600k Other Potential Savings  Reduced time to value > $100k

 Reduced MIPs & license costs servicing redundant requests
 Change management cost savings (reduced complexity = reduced testing)  Data Lineage and reduced regulatory exposure, simplify impact analysis

 Self-Service business monitoring
 Data Quality & consistency across interfaces

Product Demonstration
Use Case Description

Data Integration Hub
Demo Scenario

Market Automation
Sales ODS


External Market

Cloud Commissions Data Marts

Data Integration Hub
Publish CRM Data


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