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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Essay

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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

“ The Big Little City,” also commonly know as the city of Pittsburgh, is one of the largest cites in the state of Pennsylvania. With over 144 square kilometers of land area, and approximately seven square kilometers of surface water (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), the city of Pittsburgh is large by anyone’s standard. The city, which is located in western Pennsylvania, has a very diverse geography which sets it apart from many other cities in the United States. Pittsburgh and its suburbs are known for steep hillsides covered with buildings, streets which have steps for sidewalks, and sidewalks which are named streets. From the highest point in Allegheny County, 1,401 ...view middle of the document...

The convenience of natural resources and technological advancement has ranked Pittsburgh as one of the leading industrial cities in the United States in the past. Historically, the city of Pittsburgh has created numerous manufacturing plants responsible for producing steel, iron, and other products for the U.S. economy that still exist today. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains Pittsburgh's economic might during this period:

" Pittsburgh's strategic location and wealth of natural resources spurred its commercial and industrial growth in the 19th century. A blast furnace, erected by George Anschutz in 1792, was the forerunner of the iron and steel industry that for more than a century was the city's economic mainstay; by 1850 it was known as the "Iron City." The Pennsylvania Canal and the Portage Railroad, both completed in 1834, opened vital markets for trade and shipping. After the American Civil War, great numbers of European immigrants swelled Pittsburgh's population, and industrial magnates such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and Thomas Mellon built their steel empires there. The city became the focus of historic friction between labor and management, and the American Federation of Labor was born there in 1881."

Pittsburgh’s industrial past has given way to an enterprising and vibrant present. Affordable living, distinctive neighborhoods, growing industries, and an abundance of leisure activities create a quality of life in Pittsburgh that is virtually unmatched.

One of the reasons that Pittsburgh has such an amazing economy is due to the large number of people from around the world that flocked here to find opportunity such as employment, education, or the arts. According the 2000 U.S. Census, the population of Pittsburgh is currently at about 350,363 people. This can be broken down further into the individual races that make up the population. Currently, over half of the population (67.6%) is predominantly White Americans. 27.1% of the city is African American, 2.7% is Asian, and 3.6% makes up various other races within the city including Hispanics and Latinos. The median age in the city is about thirty five, and the distribution of males and females is almost equal with a difference of 4.8% in the females favor (Pittsburgh Population). As for immigration within the city, it remains very low. Some believe that this is the reason that Pittsburgh has a diminishing population. If the city could reach the average level of international immigration that other cities have, there would be new growth in the region instead of the apparent ongoing decline (Briem).

Over time, the cities population has grown and shrunk with the rise and fall of different industries. In the 1800’s when the steel industry was booming, there was a tremendous rise in the number of immigrants in the city. People from Poland, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, and many other countries came to Pittsburgh to take up jobs in the steel mills (Briem). And even though...

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