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As the primary goals of treatment of Adjustment disorders are to relieve symptoms and assist with achieving a level of adaptation that is comparable to the affected person's level of functioning before the stressful event. 

Treatment Aims:
a. Restoration of prior level of social interaction
b. Reduction in distress
c. Reduction in maladaptive behavior associated with stressors



First, REALISTIC SHORT-TERM GOALS are made at the start of the session, as the course treatment of an adjustment disorder is usually short-term in nature. Goals of therapy center on social supports available to the individual in her life in the form of family, friends, and community. I used behavior therapy, it focused on having the client to keep a daily log of what triggers ...view middle of the document...

Briefly consider some favorable or positive aspects of the original problem.

And third, I used RELAXATION TECHNIQUES to help the client deal with feelings of stress or to improve the client’s ability to cope with the stressor.

1. The clenched fist: Clench your fist tightly for a count of ten. Release and let your whole body go completely limp.

2. The deep breath: Take a full deep breath and hold it for a count of ten. When You exhale let it all out at once, letting your body go completely loose and limp. This is related to the first technique in that it too involves an initial tightening. In addition, it takes advantage of another basic principle — the fact that the body is most relaxed when exhaling.

3. The breathing countdown: Breathing normally, let go more and more as you release each breath, while counting slowly from 10 to 0, one number per breath. By focusing on the “letting go” feeling as you let out each breath let go even more to produce a cumulative effect. Counting backwards (one number per breath) helps create the effect of descending (as if you were in an elevator going down another floor with each breath)
Sessions | Schedule of Sessions | Expected outcome |
BEHAVIOR THERAPY | 1ST DAY | to eliminate or reduce unwanted reactions to external situations, one’s one thoughts and feelings, and bodily sensations or functions. Rather than dealing with unconscious conflicts, this therapeutic approach deals with events of which people are aware or can readily become aware. |
PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS | 2ND DAY | including the discovery of the problem, the decision to tackle the issue, understanding the problem, researching the available options and taking actions to achieve your goals. |
RELAXATION TECHNIQUES | 3RD DAY | improve the patient’s ability to cope with the stressor. |


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