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Place Of Duty Essay

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Being at the place in the right uniform is always repeated in the army. Every soldier needs to respond to this responsibility especially when deployed to the combat theater. The chain of command needs every soldier to be where they are supposed to be at the right time, so the unit can accomplish its given mission.
When soldiers are not at their appointed place of duty it causes a chain reaction first it makes everyone wait on that person which pushes everything back during the whole day in turn making everyone work harder and faster to accomplish their mission so they don’t have to stay longer, this usually makes everyone have a very bad approach and bad attitude and by doing so this causes accidents ...view middle of the document...

This makes everyone’s job harder and places unneeded stress on all individuals involved.
Everyone is late every once a while, but this is not an excuse there is no excuse for not being at the right place at the right time in the right uniform for anyone from the command sergeant major of the army to the newly enlisted private if you cannot follow this simple task you may have to work late or longer or may even get demoted and have to do extra duty for a longer time then you were absent for. If you waste the army’s time the army will waste yours and this is a very true statement.
Every service member in the military is a valuable asset to the United States of America’s defense and well being in the Soldiers creed it states that “I serve the people of the united states”, you cannot do this if you are not accounted for. The army is a well oiled machine and if you take any part out of it the machine cannot work properly this may even temporarily break the machine, then someone has to come behind you and fix it.

Soldiers that refuse to do what they are told have no place in today’s military. Not being accounted for is unacceptable soldiers that have shown a pattern of tardiness may be punished under the uniform code of military justice to include separation from the army and may or may not have veterans affairs benefits to include the Montgomery GI bill. Civilian employers frown upon service members that were discharged from the military on substandard conditions

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