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Plan For Positive Influence Essay

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Plan for Positive Influence
Teams are being used more and more by corporations to complete important projects (Yukl, 2010). In the workplace, a team can be defined as a group of people brought together for a common goal (Yukl, 2010). The success or failure of a project can be impacted by the relationship among team members. A team has been formed to work on a project that is expected to take a year to complete. The author has been selected to lead the team and help ensure the projects success. The author’s leadership style will be discussed and compared to accepted best practices. A plan for positive influence will be created that will increase the team’s motivation, satisfaction, ...view middle of the document...

A balance of task and personal focus was the only way to keep the team together and moving towards the goal.
Plan for Positive Influence
A functional work team will be created allowing members to have their own responsibilities (Yukl, 2010). This will allow the team to best utilize the skills and personalities of its members. Although team members will take on leadership roles within the group when needed, the author will serve as formal team leader for all external or operational matters (Yukl, 2010).
The team needs to be made up of motivated members. Selecting motivated people who express interest in being part of the team can help, but a leader must also watch for unequal statuses among the team members (Robbins & Judge, 2011). This can discourage members leading to lower individual motivation. The author will give employees the option of being involved with the team creating ownership of the activity. Attention will also be paid to the tasks within the group making sure that each member has an equal level of involvement.
Employee satisfaction and the consideration of leadership have a correlation (Yukl, 2010). The more consideration that is shown to an employee, the higher the level of satisfaction (Yukl, 2010). Monthly “temperature checks ” will be administered through one-on-one meetings or satisfaction surveys. This will allow for the team member to voice concerns leading to higher satisfaction levels.

The author will watch for social loafing because it can lower the performance of the team. Members have been shown to lower performance level when working in a group knowing that the work will still get done (Robbins & Judge, 2011). This lack of action can lead to resentment among group members lowering individual motivation and satisfaction (Robbins & Judge, 2011).
Individual differences

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