Planet X: The Unknown Void Essay

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Planet X, a planet that is theorized to be the last planet in our solar system. Contemporary science has widely acknowledged that there is a large gravitational force tugging at our outer planets thus altering their orbits slightly. During the 1930s Pluto was discovered, but it was quickly ruled out as the cause due to its small size. The atypical orbits persist to this day.The primeval civilization of the Sumerian, the first culture to develop a printed language and consequently the first ...view middle of the document...

Ironically, the Sumerians are also credited with inventing various items that were exceptionally technological complex for their time. The area in which the Sumerians populated (around present-day West Asia) is credited with the archaeological extraction of what is believed to be a battery. This battery, made of copper and silver, is dated at two thousand years of age. An exact copy of the said battery was able to generate 0.87 volts. It is currently housed at the Baghdad Museum.Another startling discovery is the discovery of a possible tenth planet. The presently named UB131 is roughly one hundred Earth distances from the Sun (approx 158,607.8 km) and has a reflective surface superior to Pluto. Since astronomers know that UB131 is not completely reflective, the planet itself may be much larger.In summary, not much is known about the theorized Planet X or if it even exists entirely. One thing is for certain however if it does, this is that one day all of humankind shall notice.Cited-----

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