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Planned Parenthood: The Next Great Debate

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Planned Parenthood: The Next Great Debate
The ethical, legal, and religious fight of abortion has been a long and strenuous fight, with smaller arguments, such as the now newly publicized controversy of Planned Parenthood and it’s functions, spawning from the main issue. The opinions on abortion have been divided into two main arguments; pro-life and pro-choice. While there is great variation between the two opposing sides, there is little variation in the views belonging to the same side. Many ideas that propose a different solution to the issue of abortion and it’s offsets are often diminished to ‘unrealistic’ and ‘too hopeful’ for the main issue at hand. However, several solutions that ...view middle of the document...

As more videos were released, the context became more and more graphic, eventually showing doctors who supposedly worked for the organization, keeping aborted fetal tissue alive in order to experiment and operate on the undeveloped body. Since July, the Center for Medical Progress has release a total of ten ‘sting’ videos all targeting Planned Parenthood and it’s ideals. The videos, which have been under large amounts of both public and governmental scrutiny, have been used in trials relating to Planned Parenthood and abortion, have recently found to be heavily edited, therefore making the videos useless in any legal proceedings. The ‘sting’ videos have taken legal, professional, and seemingly innocent meetings and twisted them into harmful media formats.
Many people, most notably members of the Republican party, however, refuse to believe that the videos are edited and still maintain their belief about the negative connotations associated with Planned Parenthood. Several bills, both in state and national governments, have been proposed regarding the sale of fetal tissue or the governmental defunding of Planned Parenthood. The state of North Carolina has recently made big headlines regarding this issue, proposing, and eventually passing, House Bill 297. The official ‘summary’ of the bill states:
The aim of House Bill 297 is to ban the marketing of fetal tissue in the state of North Carolina, an honorable goal, but also defunding the organization on a state level. With twenty seven Planned
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Parenthood locations in the state, the non-profit would surely decrease in number, and with it, and increase in the decline of women’s health. The original bill proposed to the House had written in the defunding of Planned Parenthood without directly stating the legislation’s true intentions, causing great upheaval in both the House and Senate. House Bill 297 was then revised to directly state the intent of defunding the non-profit organization, disguising it under the pretence of ‘lowering teen pregnancy rates.’
After much debate in the North Carolina Legislature, the bill was passed with several amendments. House Bill 297 was sent to Governor Pat McCrory for final decision, and the governor signed and supported it with no hesitation. This cause quite an uproar in the Democratic representation of the North Carolina House and Senate, who have already begun to work on vetoing the bill, despite the fact that the 2015 session is over. Members of the Democratic party are aiming to overturn the entire bill, completely ignoring the very beneficial part of the bill: the banning of fetal tissue sales.
While this bill may...

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