Planning And Enabling Learning Essay

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Planning and Enabling Learning

Negotiating with learners

Planning and negotiating with learners with regards to how to achieve aims and goals is extremely important as it allows the learner to take charge and manage their own learning needs. This andragogic approach is especially applicable to my own field of work as I deal almost exclusively with adult learners. Negotiated aims and goals should be specific, measureable and achievable. Learning goals and aims must be recorded on session plans, assessments and individual learning plans so that they can be used as a source of referral if necessary.
Assessment, (derived from asseoir = to set, settle) involves ...view middle of the document...

Initial assessments can be delivered by numerous means, such as practical skills, verbal, written and psychometric tests.
Verbal assessments can be carried out in person or over the phone, either as a group or individually. Because of the nature of my learners I find that one to one interviews work well for me. They allow me to get a good feel for the learners’ verbal communication skills and their base knowledge and skill set. These interviews should be standardised to get an average of learners needs. Verbal assessments are recorded for further reference if required.
Written assessments can be multiple choice or in essay form, and can divulge information like numeracy and written communication skills. I extensively use the Basic Skills Agency literacy and numeracy tests to gauge a learner’s level of skill.
Practical skills assessments are predominantly used by myself and my organisation as our courses of study. This type of initial assessment gauges hand-eye coordination, dexterity and any pre-existing practical “spanner” skills. This also allows me to ascertain if the learner needs any extra help developing the necessary practical skill level to successfully engage in our learning programmes.
Psychometric assessments comprise of a wide variety of aptitude tests and personality tests. I do not incorporate any psychometric tests at the moment, but I think they would be a useful tool in negotiating goals with the type of learners that I routinely engage with.
Progress reviews
Another very useful tool in negotiating with learners is regular progress reviews. I conduct regular one-to-one reviews with my long term learners to discuss progress and agree on goals for the forthcoming month. These goals are negotiated and recorded in the learners I.L.P. These interviews not only provide the learner with control over their learning experience but also provide me with valuable feedback as to how effective my teaching method are, and if they cater to the individual learner’s preferred learning style.
In conclusion, I have found that a well-balanced initial assessment programme coupled with ongoing dialogue and continuous review process enhances the learning experience for the learner. This process also provides me with valuable feedback on my teaching skills and allows me to adapt and augment my teaching methods to meet the needs of every learner.

Inclusive Learning

I have found that inclusive learning is about recognising that each of my learners is different from each other in many ways, and I should not exclude any learner from any activity within my sessions for any reason. I plan my teaching and learning sessions to enable all of my learners to take part and achieve their learning goals.
Inclusive learning should ensure a match between individual learners and their needs and requirements and the provision that is made for them. This should include provision for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities, visual or hearing...

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