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Planning To Meet Needs Essay

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Planning to meet the needs of learners. 4.1

My role as a trainer involves delivering courses to participants predominantly within the field of Health and Social Care.
I employ a model based on the teaching/training cycle as follows:
• Identifying needs
• Planning and Design
• Deliver and Facilitating
• Assessment
• Evaluation

Identifying Needs
In order to identify the needs of my learners, a Needs Assessment is executed at the outset of each course. This will not identify any specific difficulty in learning, but will establish what the expectation from each participant is from the course they are attending. I also allows me time to identify the individuals, learn names and ...view middle of the document...

Planning and Design
In order to successfully provide good instructional learning resources, I constantly review my knowledge of my specialist subject and adjust my delivery accordingly.
I ensure that I am aware of any changes in Legislation in order that that subject matter and learning is always current.
A scheme of work and lesson plans are set out prior to teaching and the equipment and resources I need made available. A trainers manual provides me with the information I require to deliver each module, and this is followed along with any resources available.
I provide the learners with the workbook for the course and ensure all materials they require are available.
I follow guidelines to protect the health and safety of my learners and carry out a Health and Safety check prior to the start of each course.
Deliver and Facilitating
When delivering the course content, I continually review and reinforce learning activities and goals. I am aware of the varying learning styles and employ different methods of delivery to ensure that the learners are continually motivated and that all of the learning styles are catered for. Learners are entitled to receive best practice from me as a trainer at all times, and I adopt different methods of delivery and differentiated strategies which takes into account individual needs and takes into account visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners thus stimulating deeper...

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