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Pleasant Place

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1.1 Marketing 4
1.1.1 Company Description 4
1.2 Marketing Overview 4
1.3 The need for Childcare 5
1.3.1 Childcare Analysis 5
1.3.2 Parental Childcare Decisions 5
1.3.3 Importance of Childcare 6
1.3.4 Pleasant Place Focus 7
1.4 Target Customers 7
1.4.1 Arlington, TX 8
1.4.2 Grand Prairie, TX 8
1.4.3 Mansfield TX 9
1.4.4 Geographic Area 9
1.4.5 Demographic Area 10
1.5 Market Projection 11
1.6 Market Growth 11
1.6.1 Pleasant Place Ability 12
1.6.2 Opportunities 13
1.6.3 Threats 13
1.7 Competition 14
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“Our mission is to keep your kids safe and secure while providing structured learning to build their skills for success.”

Farmer, Jenkins, & Obeng Associates currently own and operate 100% of the company. The three co-owners bring over twenty years of management experience and technical expertise in child care development, teaching, and marketing and operation development. Each of them currently holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration.
1.3 Marketing Overview
The daycare industry is on the rise, and Pleasant Place will jump on the opportunity to gain respect and grow in this job market. The state of the economy is one of the most influential factors taken into consideration by people surviving in today’s job market and their choice in daycare providers will be affected by this as well. The current lack of quality care in daycare has given this industry a questionable reputation. Pleasant Place will make a difference to be recognized by parents. Pleasant Place will provide quality care and we promise to stand behind our words 100 percent.
1.4 The need for Childcare
1.4.1 Childcare Analysis
Childcare is very important to how society invests in the future. Early childcare development is needed to prepare children to for the future. The public dollars that are now spent to stimulate economic development would be more wisely invested in child development programs, according to two different streams of research. Brain research shows the impact of experiences and environments on the developing brain architecture. Weaker architecture leading to increased vulnerability in later life, ranging from anxiety and depression to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and strokes. Longitudinal studies show that high-quality early childhood programs reduce the number of low-income children who later need special education, public assistance, or incarceration; and increase the number who will have well-paying jobs and high school degrees. These studies show a long-term rate of return of up to 16 percent of every dollar spent, making programs such as these a smart economic development strategy.2

1.4.2 Parental Childcare Decisions
Pleasant Place is aware that the center must provide the best social environment for your child and because of its importance; parents must also look at the cost of providing that care. The literature on parental child care decisions and socioeconomic differences in child care utilization show data indicating persistent socioeconomic stratification in child care enrollments. Two bodies of empirical research on the determinants of child care arrangements are contrasted—models of individual consumption choice are compared to models of socially constructed or situated patterns of action. This research suggests that parental child care decisions may be best understood as accommodations to family and employment demands, social and cultural expectations, available information, and financial, social, and other...

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