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Plutarch's View Of The Relationship Between Anthony And Cleopatra

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The Arts Past and Present; Reputations book 1

Assignment one

Part 1 Cleopatra

Read the following passage carefully at least twice. What does it tell us about Plutarch’s view of the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra?

Plutarch’s view of the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra tells us it was a mutual affection and it is elaborated by Plutarch very cleverly on how much or less they actually cared for each other. By what Plutarch has written about how Antony behaves in front of Cleopatra suggests he admired her a lot. It also seems like both enjoyed each other’s company ‘She played at dice with him, drank with him, hunted with him’ and ‘she kept him in constant ...view middle of the document...

Plutarch has portrayed Cleopatra as a manipulator who turned Antony from a man to a crazy lover with no control over his emotions or stability ‘it corrupted all those redeeming qualities in him which were still capable of resisting temptation. ( Plutarch, in Scott-kilvert, 1965,p.294 & p.25). Even Antony had his selfish reasons for seducing Cleopatra ‘Anthony sought to use Cleopatra and the East merely as playing pieces in his bid for power in distant Rome’ (Franco Cavazzi, 2002), but clearly he was besotted and overwhelmed by her beauty and the selfishness was overtaken by love.
By reading the passage on the assignment booklet and also the passage by Plutarch on his account of their meeting in Scott-kilvert, 1965, p.293 tells me he viewed Cleopatra as secure and vain. She knew she could charm Antony and even if she insults him or betrays him, she can win him over thus having control over him. He surely views their relationship more as a desire than deep love and accentuates Cleopatra as negative influence on him and as a powerful woman.


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Part 2 Cezanne

Look carefully at plate 1.3.24, Cezanne’s Jug and Fruit (1885-87), and Plate 1.3.30, Zurbaran’s Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (1633). In no more than 500 words outline what you think are the main differences between them.

Both painters show different sense of expressions in their painting although both are of the same theme but the painting is done in their own unique way.

Zurbaran has used his brushwork very neatly and carefully, he has given attention to every detail therefore it is hard to notice his brush strokes. He has used linear technique whereas Cezanne has used a painterly technique which shows his brush strokes going in different directions, making the painting look rough but expressive.

Zurbaran has defined his painting well and cleverly, drawing attention to the lemons and oranges. He has used wide tonal range, as you can see the background is...

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