Pms? Do More! Essay

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PMS? Do More!
How was your first PMS experience? Was it heart-warming or traumatic? Did you have fun with it or wished it never happened? Are you ready to experience it? Let me tell you – my first experience was terrifying but because it happened I have to learn from it and I can only wish that my own daughter will never experience it.
Fellow toastmasters and guests, good evening! Yes, my first PMS experience was traumatic and wet. Uhh, uhhh before your imagination jumps-off this building, let me clear your thoughts of what am I referring to as PMS. It’s my first experience of my dear Papa and Mama Squabble. I was still a little child, well, smaller and sexier than I am today, 6 years ...view middle of the document...

MORE. – move, open, recognize, expand.
•Move. from blowing up/exploding —> blaming —> conscious awareness that includes both positions. We have to allow ourselves to take a plunge and be free rather than keep our true emotions. I’m pretty sure we’ve gone through this experience when we try to hold our emotions and the tension is build up in our consciousness. The next time we check, we explode. Going through the process of moving on, allows us to be ready of the next step.
•Opening up. This is the stage when we listen sincerely to the other person’s point of view without trying to make them wrong or win the point. Geroge Carlin once said, ”I’m always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I’m listening to it”. Stop playing the “silent king” and “snub queen”. Talk. If you want to shout, then shout but please do it in the right place. When we open ourselves to people, we gain knowledge for we knew something new, and when we gain knowledge, we understand. And when we understand, we’re now ready to jump to the third step. Recognize.
•Recognize that both have hurt feelings...

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