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A Christmas Story
Ode to Video Games
I Am Me
If you really knew me
Facing It
Facing It
I Am
Really Bad Poem
The Pain of a Pencil
Better Really Bad Poem

All that was seen
was the dismantled corpse of a human
The site was so strong
it triggered the five sense
Sight was the dripping of blood
on tattered trees
Smell was the scent of sun dried blood
covering the grassy plains
Taste was blood smuggling your nose
as you struggle to breathe
Hear was the cry of soldiers trying to hang onto life
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He figured out last year when he waited and no Santa came
but in the morning there were presents.
How stupid everybody was going to look for telling him that Santa was real. When he already knew that he wasn’t and to prove it
he was going to sneak downstairs when he heard any sound
and bust the person behind the Santa costume.
“Bang Bang Bang”
was the sound of my game
making noise throughout the night.
I knew I was suppose to be sleeping but who in the world
sleeps at night.
I was in the middle of my game and I was not about to stop.
I had been playing all night then suddenly I heard a metallic squeak of a car’s tire.
Sighing I knew my dad had forgotten the presents again.
I guess I better go down and help him set things up before my
brother woke up.
“Saannnnnnntttttttttaaaaaaaaa” screamed my brother as he hurriedly rushed downstairs.
“Dad you goof ” was all I said as I went downstairs to see the face of my dad when my brother saw that there was no Santa.
The dazzling star blinded my father as he was eating Santa’s milk and cookies.
Shocked by the suddenly turn of a light.
“What is going on here” bellowed my father waking up all of the neighborhood.
He had believed that when he got home that everybody would be asleep
Still blinded by the light he looked down at my little brother
“Damnit” his brain screamed he had be caught
“Son this is not what it looks like I was just pretending to be Santa because Santa is not coming this year” he said.
“I knew there was no Santa” my brother joyfully said dancing around like a spinning ballerina.
Blah Blah Blah
was all I heard as my brother told my father how he knew
that there was no Santa and my father stood there looking like the rear end of a donkey.
It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.
Then suddenly I saw a glistering light flashing across the sleeping moon.
Reindeers carrying a carriage and a man with a humongous red belly shouting “Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas” I guess Santa is real
“Mommy wake up” my mother said
My sister woke up giggling
Ode to Video Games
There is no fun
Watching t.v
Or sleeping on a
Rainy day
The only fun thing
Is Video Games
So tiny and portable
The enjoyment of
Holding one’s life
In your hands
The hours go bye
Like the life span
Of a mosquito
My eyes and hands
Have never been so alert
Since you came in to
My life
Boring without you
Day and night
As the moon sleeps
I take the comfort
Of your bright lights
To lead me to
Is the completion
Of a challenge
So much given
From you the only
Way I can repay
Is taking you into
My hands and leading you
To the finish line
Never ending
I can’t imagine my
Life without...

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