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Poetry In Education Essay

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"What is poetry good for?" A challenging academic environment must include science, math, and history in order to fully be complete in educating our society. Many wonder about the importance of poetry included with these other fields of study and if it is really necessary. Obviously math, science, etc. is crucial to understanding the facts and logics that explain our world around us. However, understanding all of these aspects without trying to understand the emotions and feelings that surround life around us seems to diminish why we strive to learn in the first place. Poetry achieves this level of understanding by allowing us to really experience life through the emotions and experiences of ...view middle of the document...

The poem also moves from what she has envisioned to what she has actually experienced. "I have heard . . . the voices of my dim killed children" is a gripping line that the poet cannot seem to escape. In the middle of the poem, Brooks begins to speak to her unborn children, which is another reason why the reader is lead to believe that Brooks is suffering from what she did to them. She refers to them as "my sweets" and again pictures in her mind all the things they could never do because of what she did. "If I seized your luck and your lives from your unfinished reach, if I stole your births and your names . . . your games, your lovely loves, your tumults, your marriages, aches, and your deaths . . ." are vivid examples of what Brooks sees when she remembers these unborn children. It is clear that although she never physically saw them, she is haunted by who they might have been and what they might have done. It is this very real image of her children that moves her to try to seek some sort of solace out of the situation by telling her children that in her deliberateness, "she was not deliberate." Brooks realizes that admitting she was not "deliberate" is the most she can do to help somewhat ease her pain. Although she does seem to accept responsibility at this point in the poem, it does not ease her guilt or sadness. From there she asks why "whine that the crime was other than mine?" and continues to speak to her children even though they are dead. This tells the reader that although Brooks has tried to rationalize the situation in her mind and comes to terms with it, she simply cannot. Even when she tries to convinced herself that "you were never made", she knows that such a statement "is faulty."
Her journey, as well her anguish, seems to continue by asking them, "how is the truth to be said?" The reader can interpret this line to represent the...

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