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Are Fences truly essential to being good neighbors or are they merely just suggestions of what society portrays as appropriate? A fence is a sense of security to some, and it is a nuisance to others. Robert Frost brings out both sides of the argument in the poem “Mending Wall”; his argument for both ways is very suggestive and is essentially left to the reader to decide which would be better, Fence or No fence? A fence that is blown down every year and needs to be fixed or repaired is for some reasons not suppose to be put up in the first place. Is it for security, a repetition, or is just nonsense? Do fences actually make good neighbors, how could they? Fences are ...view middle of the document...

As long as the trees are planted on their appropriate sides, they will never cross to the neighbor’s side. Therefore, no fence should be needed to keep this from happening. If the trees aren’t going to cause harm to one another in any way, no fence should be put up. Besides it is just a waste of time, instead of putting up a fence they could both be tending to their trees, thus making the trees more fruitful and more beautiful! More time spent on their trees and their own lives may in turn help them to become better neighbors!

“Good Fences make good neighbors” (Line 27) the statement made to the speaker when he asks why the wall needs to be put back up. Why do fences make good neighbors? A fence does not make the character or personality of a person, so why do fences make good neighbors? If the neighbor feels this way, then he has some soul searching to do and life altering dilemmas to look at. The neighbor may just merely be caught up in the repetitious ways of putting a fence up every year. He is also probably caught up in the fact that the fence is a sort of...

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