Police Ethics Essay

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Police Influence on Society
Heather Kyzer
CJA 344: Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
November 12, 2012
Roger Schoenwald

Police Influence on Society
Police influence society on different factors. The factors of influence that police have on society can be negative and positive. Police have the duty to serve and to protect the society. As on the three major components of the American criminal justice system, American law enforcement main purpose is to maintain order and investigate suspected criminal activity in this country (Get A Real Degree, 2012). The history of law enforcement began 1626 when New York City Sheriff’s Office was founded. After the opening of New York City ...view middle of the document...

Community policing is essential if law enforcement is to face the challenge of promoting greater racial harmony as the future grows nearer. Community policing also prevents the police from being misused and taken advantage of as they have been in the past (Trojanowicz, 1991). Community policing contributes to the developing and improving the racial development in obvious and subtle ways (Trojanowicz, 1991). Community policing changes the possible relationship between police and residents. Community policing can provide and develop a relationship of one with respect and truth (Trojanowicz, 1991).
Community Policing takes a different role to crime, drugs, and disorder, one that can augment and enhance traditional tactics, such as rapid response and undercover operations (Trojanowicz, 1991). Community policing allows direct contact with the people to the community. It gives the average citizen by allowing him or her to join as partners with the police in efforts to make his or her communities better and safer places in which to live and work. This builds a more trustworthy partnership between the citizens, community police, and police. Community officers have a stronger relationship with the citizens of their area since they have that face to face factor every day. Community police are also there to listen to the needs of people within their communities. Communities police can give the police the suggestions and needs to the police and allow them set up priorities and create solutions to help the communities.
The biggest difference between policing and community policing is the approach each takes. Community policing take a proactive approach whereas police take a more reactive approach. They also contribute to avoiding bottlenecks elsewhere in the criminal justice system by allowing officers to be more creative in developing alternate answers (Trojanowicz, 1991).
Community policing provides the police the opportunity to work directly with the young before their problems begin to increase to the point where arrest and incarceration are their fate. Community police officers have the time and the mandate to involve the community in efforts to improve the social and...

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