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Police Politics Essay

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Police and ethics
Holly McCullough
Unit 5

Local police law enforcements are held to a higher standard then society. When ethics are abused and broken this can cause mistrust among the people and community’s. The community’s in which these police departments work must keep ethics under control and know how to handle the people they are working with dignity and ...view middle of the document...

There was a public back lash to this and many wanted to know why two years of suspension was given the board would not say why and by law did not have to.

The cop’s record acquired another blemish when the Feds charged him with civil rights violations for beating up the handcuffed man. Even while this case was officer remained suspended without further punishment.

This is not the first time that the Chicago Police Board overruled a firing decision Cops whose jobs they saved include a an officer who gave a friend photographs of a woman from a police database the friend later went on and tried to kill her.

Citizen review panels are unimaginable corruption between officers and minorities. Citizen reviewers are normally appointed by politicians, giving local power structures, including powerful police unions, great influence over the authority and composition of the panels.

Lacking personal knowledge of the police workplace, citizens may be unduly influenced by the accounts of men and women who do an often unpleasant and risky job. What happens on the streets is complex and nuance deciding whether a cop should be fired is also a sobering task.

Chicago’s example may be extreme but there are more police departments ran this way in Los Angeles allegations of serious police misconduct are heard by an awkwardly named “Board of Rights” (guess whose rights that means) comprised of two command officers and, since Rampart, a private citizen.

In Federal law enforcement agencies and in most State and local police department’s decisions whether to retain or fire an employee rest with their chief executives. Not in Chicago and Los Angeles, where Chiefs are denied the equivalent of a last word. There’s no doubt that in practice these arrangements reduce the respect and the fear that officers have of their Chiefs.

Remedies to lapses of ethical behavior on the part of police officers begin first with the selection and hiring of qualified individuals. Leadership, professionalism, and ethics are considered so critical that it is the very first learning domain presented to new recruits in police academies. But learning is not a one-time event. Rather it is a continuous process of review and reinforcement. Therefore, ethics training should continue throughout an officer’s career.

This training should be both formal and presented in a structured format, as well as informally presented in settings such as briefings and team meetings. In addition to participating in the ethics training received by those at the officer rank, first line supervisors and middle management should also receive training in the investigation of ethical breaches.

Rather than simply telling an officer that he needs to control his use of force, feature-intensive training would include explaining to an officer that, You are going to be adrenalized, you are going to feel the physical effects of that adrenaline, you may very well feel a need to continue to strike...

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