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Assignment 1.2 
Policemen of The World 
History 105

Since its creation, the United States of America has continued to grow and find its place in the world. What started as a nation that was quite isolated became a major global economy, and, along with that economic power and the various foreign policies enacted since the Civil War, found itself also serving another role. This role taken on by the United States was that of the “World Police.” This title of the Policemen of the World was first coined with the Spanish American War, and has led to US involvement in foreign conflicts multiple times. These foreign conflicts include the Korean War and both ...view middle of the document...

The United States’ involvement in Libya however, is seen in a different light. The US became involved with Libya at the request of the United Nations in order to act on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 (Feb 26, 2011), which allowed for an arms embargo on Libya, as well as an asset freeze and travel ban on the core Libyan political leadership. A coalition that was led by the US commenced military operations against the Libyan government and its forces to roll back the threat to Benghazi and to remove Libyan air defense. Responsibility for the no-fly zone created was soon taken over by NATO. (BERGERON, J, 2012) This involvement as a policing force by the United States was the result of the request of the United Nations, and was in an attempt at insuring the safety of the people in a country that was in the throes of civil war. In both of these conflicts, one can see that the priority of the United States was in keeping peace, but with varying results and reception. However, the US was not always a policing force for the world. This role was built upon over the development of the country.
The United States entered the global arena with the victory of the Spanish-American War. This war was fought for humanitarian reasons and as a reaction to Spain’s treatment of the Cuban Independence movement. The result of this war was the Treaty of Paris, in which Spain granted Cuba its independence, and ceded most of its overseas possessions to the United States for a sum of $20 million. Alongside this display of the United States military, the US was also becoming a global economy, and with increasing economic interests overseas, had to protect these interests. The US continued to expand its global power, and following World War II, played a major role in forming the United Nations.
Having its first meeting in San Francisco on April 25, 1945, the UN was FDR’s vision for extending the Four Freedoms throughout the world. The United Nations has resulted in the United States taking on the role of a...

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